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Online Courses

Online Courses

Create your own courses, or access and assign carefully structured Math, Reading and Science courses for at home or classroom self-paced learning.  Online courses are available with an annual Blend subscription.

Step 1 – Create Online Classes

  1. In the Lessons tab, click on   Online Classes.
  2. In the drop-down menu select Create Class.
  3. Enter a Class Name and select I want to manually create a class list.
  4. Enter student information into the fields.
    • If you would like students to receive email notifications when new assignments are available, add their email address as their username.
    • User ID and Username must be unique for each student in all classes.
    • When creating the list, the system initially makes the password the same as the UserID. Set up individual passwords as desired. Passwords are immediately be encrypted. Click  Menu and select Print. This generates a pdf of the class list including student credentials.
    • All changes are saved instantly.

Import Existing List: You can import a .csv (comma delimited) roster or use an existing Qwizdom Class (.qpl). It is recommended that your existing .csv class roster have the following columns: First Name, Last Name, Username and Password. If importing a .qpl file, you will need to update students’ usernames and passwords following import.

Note: Adding device numbers is helpful when using classroom collaboration. To learn more about collaboration go here.

  1. Click on  Menu in the top right corner to Print, Export or Delete classes.


Step 2 – Preview and Assign Content

  1. In the Lessons tab, click on the   Course icon.
  2. Use the right and left arrows to browse through available courses.
  3. Click on a course tile to preview content. All course topics are listed in the left column. Click on the arrows to expand topic and view all available activities.
  4. Click on an activity to view options including preview, assign, rename, print and delete.
  5. To assign a due date to an activity or collection of activities, click and drag the items to the calendar. By default the due date is set to the selected day.
  6. Select Activity Type.
    • The Assignment setting allows students to receive Right/Wrong feedback and View Answer Slides.
    • The Test setting allows students to change answers but does not show right/wrong feedback or answer slides.
  7. Select a class or individual student.
  8. Adjust additional settings in the Advance Settings tab.
  9. Click Assign.

Access Anytime (No Due Dates): If you wish to make all activities in the selected course available to your students right away and do not wish to add due dates, drag and drop the complete collection into the Access Anytime Area located below the calendar. This is a quick way to let students access materials with minimal set up. Verbally direct students to materials or let them choose.

  1. Provide students with credentials (see Create Online Classes for details) and direct students to login at 360blend.com to access content.
  2. Direct students to click on the appropriate activity to begin.

    • As more items are assigned, students can receive email notifications. See Create Online Classes for set up instructions.
  3. The Content Player appears:
  4. Activities are instantly graded and students can review their answer and scores once the activity is complete.

Create a New Course and Add Materials

Additionally you can add your own content to existing lessons and/or create custom courses using PowerPoint presentations, pdfs, Word docs, Youtube videos and other web documents.

  1. In the Content tab, click Create New.
  2. Name your Course, choose a color for the background tile and click Save.
  3. Click Add Topic Header, name your first section/topic, click Create.
  1. Continue to add topics as needed to create an outline of your course.
  2. Within a topic, click Add New Content to upload pdfs, Word docs, Youtube videos and Web links.

Add Lesson or Quiz
Quizzes and assessments are added by uploading tagged PowerPoint presentations using Qwizdom Actionpoint.

  1. Open a saved .ppt or .pptx presentation and click on the Qwizdom Actionpoint tab.
  2. Select an existing slide, or click on Insert Slide to add a question to your existing presentation.
  3. Choose the desired question and select the correct answer.
  4. Select  Upload. You may be prompted to add your credentials.
  5. Select the location (Course and Topic) to place this presentation, click OK.

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