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Configure various aspects of how OKTOPUS looks and works in the Preferences menu. To show the Preferences, click “Settings” and then click “Preferences”.


Choose between a light or dark theme.

Icon Colours
Choose between monochrome or colourful icons throughout the software.

Toolbar Location
Choose whether the toolbar, also knows as the sidebar, should be on the left or right of the screen.

Hide Cursor
This will hide the cursor while OKTOPUS is the active application. It will prevent the mouse cursor and other drawing cursors from being shown. We do not recommend choosing “No” unless using a touch screen.

Remember Last Background
OKTOPUS will remember the last-used background when closed and re-opened. Please note that some license keys supplied by OEM partners may not show this setting.


Auto-Hide Toolbar
Choose a value in seconds. If a value is selected, the toolbar/sidebar will automatically retract to a minimized form once a tool has been selected.

If a touchscreen is detected by the software, the default should be “Yes”. Touch-friendly mode will show larger handles around images and other selected items.

Touch to Type
Touch to Type is a feature useful for lesson creation when using a mouse and keyboard. When “Yes” is selected, click on the canvas where you want to type, then start typing. The text will appear immediately starting at that location without having to create a text box.

Clear Screen Prompt
Select “Yes” if you wish to be prompted before the screen is cleared, otherwise select “No”.

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