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Review Online Results

      1. In the Lessons tab, click on the  Performance icon. This will bring up the Activity Search page.
      2. Set the Class, Participant and Time filters to view results on multiple activities, or type in a specific activity to return results on a single activity. Make your desired selections and click Submit to return results.
      3. Click on the Activity Title or Avg. Score to view class and student scores.
      4. To view the overall course performance click on the View By menu and select Progress Report.
      5. Click on Class Avg Score, or specific student, to see average score on each activity assigned.

      1. Drill in further and select different report views to analyze results.

      Detailed Score Report Sample:

      1. Use the links at the top of the page to navigate between reports.


      1. Results for an activity (or entire course) can also be exported as a .qrx file, compatible with Oktopus software, for even more reporting options. Click on the  Settings menu and select Export.
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