Qwizdom OKTOPUS Software


The Feedback Indicator

The feedback indicator will appear once the presentation has begun. Drag it to a preferred on-screen location.

  1. Response Feedback
    The percentage of participants who have responded. Click to change to a numeric value.
  2. Repose Question
    Click this to repose the question to the participants.
  3. Pick a Participant
    A random participant number appears on-screen. Names will appear if a participant list is active.
  4. Show Graph
    A graph of the results will appear on-screen.
  5. Enable Collaboration
    Choose which participants are able to collaborate and send annotations to the presenter and other participants.
  6. Show Web Address
    When connecting a device through a web browser, such as a Chromebook, for a collaborative/polling session, click this link to enlarge the session’s web address.

For additional options, right-click on the feedback indicator to see options such as  presentation settings, view, and transparency.

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