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National Houseplant Appreciation Day

Have “green thumb” bragging rights? Or have goals of becoming one? Why not share your affinity for cultivating plants, as well as the science behind it, with your students?

Qwizdom OKTOPUS is providing a FREE learning package on plants to use with your interactive displays. Use OKTOPUS annotation and collaboration software to present the lessons and deliver the question sets focused on parts of a plant, plant growth, and seeds. Click on the link to get your activities: Houseplant Appreciation Day activities

Get a Free Trial of OKTOPUS. Then register an online account in OKTOPUS to access free content and get a 30-Day trial of OKTOPUS Blend with Premium standards-aligned activities.

Explore and experience OKTOPUS today, starting with your free lessons for National Houseplant Appreciation Day. Go to www.qwizdomoktopus.com.

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