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Software Update โ€“ 4.6.0 for Windows

We are excited to announce our latest, Windows Oktopus release.

Introducing Game Zones, multi-touch and multi-player games designed for touchscreens. Access over 90 educational games for Social Studies, Language Arts, Math, and Science. Create up to 4 game zones so students can work on different games simultaneously. Teacher Tools support front-of-class teaching. Available for English language only.

A new App Launcher provides quick access to collaboration, Premade Lessons (available depending on geographic location and board provider), Game Zones and Online Learning. Tutorial walkthroughs guide you through each app. Available for English language only.

Traditional Glass Mode is back and now you have an option that supports fast pen usage when a background is applied for 4K Screens. Pen performance in Glass Mode may vary depending on your system specification.

Google classes are automatically imported into Oktopus Blend. Oktopus lessons can be directly posted to your students’ stream. (Blend license is required. Available depending on your geographical location or your OKTOPUS software provider.)

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