Qwizdom OKTOPUS Software


Below you will find common questions and answers regarding activation and functionality.

For further information please read our user guide.

Installation and Activation

Which operating systems are supported?
How do I activate my new Oktopus Blend license?
I have an activated copy of OKTOPUS and I have purchased a collaboration product key. How do I activate my new license?
I can't activate the software.
Are there instructions for MSI deployment?

Annotation and Tools

How do I customise the QTP (Quick-launch Tool Palette)?
Handwriting Recognition does not work.
How do I switch toolsets? Is there a way to view all tools at the same time?
How do I import images and other media?
Which file types are supported?
Is Tablet Mode in Windows 10 supported?

Video Capture

What file extension is the saved video?


How do I start a presentation?
How do I join a presentation?
I can't connect to a collaboration session

FAQs not helping?

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