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Below you will find common questions and answers regarding activation and functionality.

For further information please read our user guide.

Installation and Activation

Which operating systems are supported?

The following Microsoft Windows operating systems are supported:

Windows 7
Windows 8 / 8.1
Windows 10

The following Apple MacOS operating systems are supported:

MacOS 10.13 — 10.15

How do I activate my new Oktopus Blend license?

To activate a new Blend license, do the following

1. Open OKTOPUS.
2. Go to  Settings and Login To My Account
3. Click Not Registered.
4. Complete the form, including choice of state, district and school.
5. Enter product key and submit.
6. Click ‘activate account’ link in verification email.
7. Re-open OKTOPUS, go to  Settings and Login To My Account.
8. Enter username (email) and password setup in registration.

I have an activated copy of OKTOPUS and I have purchased a collaboration product key. How do I activate my new license?

To activate a new license, do the following

2. Click “New Product Key”
3. Enter your upgrade key
4. Click OK to activate.

I can't activate the software.

If your key is valid and has activations remaining: Automatic activation may not work if you are behind a proxy server or if your firewall or security system is blocked communication with our activation server. In this case, you have two options:

1. Follow the steps to activate via another method (via website is fastest and recommended)
2. Enter your proxy credentials as follows:

– Click the “Qwizdom Tools” tray icon in your notification/tray area
– Click Preferences > Preferences
– Click the Proxy tab and enter your credentials.
– Try activating.
– If activation still fails, we are still unable to communicate with the internet, so please follow the steps to activate via another method (via website is fasted and recommended).

If you receive an error message during activation: Your key may not be valid or you have no activations remaining. Get in touch with us and we’ll see what we can do to help.

Are there instructions for MSI deployment?

Annotation and Tools

How do I customise the QTP (Quick-launch Tool Palette)?

Click/press and hold a tool icon from the sidebar, then drag it to the centre of the QTP. A plus sign will appear. Release the click/press and the quick launch tool pallet will refresh, adding the new tool.

Please note: Some touch screens do not support this functionality. In this case, use a mouse or touchpad.

Handwriting Recognition does not work.

Please note that supported Languages are OS languages. The handwriting recognition tool will use the language of your operating system, not the language OKTOPUS is currently running.

To turn on handwriting recognition (Windows XP, Vista, and 7):

1. Start > Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features > “Turn Windows Features on or off”
2. Tick “Tablet PC Components”, press OK.
3. You will need Administrator access to enable the Tablet PC Components, and may require your Windows installation media.


To turn on handwriting recognition (Windows 8 and 10):

1. Click Start > Type “Language” > Click  “Edit Language and Keyboard Options”

2. Click “Options” beside your system language.

3. Windows may inform you that a language pack is available to download. If so, download and install it. If not, then handwriting recognition is either already enabled, or not available for your language.

4. Restart OKTOPUS, and handwriting recognition should now work.

How do I switch toolsets? Is there a way to view all tools at the same time?

On opening the software, the standard toolset will be shown by default, which includes drawing and other annotation tools, as well as capture tools. Click or press the toolset name at the bottom left of the screen to show the list of other available toolsets, then select which one you wish to access.

The sidebar can be maximised into “Aerial Mode” by selecting the right arrow. Aerial Mode shows all toolsets at the same time for a complete overview.

How do I import images and other media?

Import files using one of the methods below:

Import through the Media Gallery – From Standard Tools, open the Media Gallery, and use the import button at the bottom left to browse for the file.

Drag and drop using Windows Explorer or Mac Finder – In Glass Mode, navigate to the file you wish to import using Explorer or Finder. Drag and drop the file onto the OKTOPUS sidebar.

Drag and drop using a web browser – Similar to using Explorer or Finder, drag and drop the image from the web page onto the OKTOPUS sidebar.

Please note: Adding images with hyperlinks from a web browser is not currently possible. You must navigate directly to the image URL – for example click “View Image” in your search engine results first. Then you will be able to drag in the image.

Which file types are supported?

Image file types: jpg, jpeg, png, bmp
Video and movie file types: swf, flv, qwv, mp4
Audio file types: mp3, wav

OKTOPUS is unable to import PDF files

The PDF import functionality requires that either Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat is installed on your computer. If it is not installed, you may download and install from https://get.adobe.com/reader. Once downloaded and installed, reopen OKTOPUS and try importing the PDF again.

Is Tablet Mode in Windows 10 supported?

Tablet Mode in Windows 10 is not designed to work with applications such as OKTOPUS which are designed to interact with the Desktop.

You may find that you are able to use OKTOPUS when a background has been applied in this mode, but as desktop interaction is a key element of OKTOPUS, we do not officially support it.


Video Capture

What file extension is the saved video?

The video will save as a .flv file type. This is a flash video file, perfect for sharing on the web.


How do I start a presentation?

1. Click or press Settings
2. Select Start Presentation
3. Under the Device Settings tab, ensure “Enable Local Network Collaboration” is ticked
4. Configure other options as required and click or press OK.
5. Your IP address will be listed in the response indicator bar – participants joining via a web browser will need to know this in order to join your presentation.

How do I join a presentation?

You must be on the same local area network in order to join a collaboration session.

Using the Notes+ app for iOS, Android, and Windows tablets:

The Qwizdom Notes+ App is available from the Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Windows Store.

appStore     playStore     


1. Open the Notes+ app on the device
2. Press File and then press Find Session
3. A list of available sessions will appear.
4. Tap the session you wish to join.

Note: If the session does not appear, network discovery may not be available. In this scenario, press File > Join Session. Enter the IP address supplied to you by the presenter. The port number should be left as 8081 when using the Notes+ app.


Using a web browser:

1. Open a web browser
2. Enter the IP address supplied by the presenter, followed by port 8080. For example, if the presenter’s IP address was, in the URL bar, you would type
3. Press the return/enter key or click the “Go” button beside the URL bar.

I can't connect to a collaboration session

Please refer to this support centre KB article.


FAQs not helping?

Click here to submit a support ticket and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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