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Two New Features in OKTOPUS 4.7.3 for Windows.

Permaclone Tool

Create interactive objects with the Permaclone tool. Perfect for practicing addition, subtraction and sorting. It can also come in handy when illustrating concepts like fractions and simple probability.

Imagine doing a lesson on probability. You want the students to understand how to predict the outcome of an event. Use the shape tool to make a blue circle then, using the Permaclone tool, create multiple copies. Repeat the step with a red circle and a yellow circle. Then say, “If all of these circles were in a bag, what is the probability that a circle picked out would be blue (or red or yellow)?”

Or, while doing a lesson on characters from a book, you focus on the qualities of the main characters. Choose a Venn diagram from the media folder and clone two or three copies. Have students work together to compare and contrast qualities of the main characters, then share out their findings to discuss as a class.

These are just a couple of ideas of how the Permaclone tool can make lessons more efficient and flow more smoothly. Try it today and download the latest version.

Import PDFs*

OKTOPUS can now import PDF files to create new, multi-page lessons or be added into an existing lesson.

Create New Lessons: File > Open > Select PDF file. This will create a new lesson and will import the PDF on a page-by-page basis into the slides.

Import PDF into an Existing Lesson: File > Import PDF > Select PDF file. This will import the PDF into an existing lesson after the currently selected slide.

After importing a PDF, pages can be unlocked, resized, or rotated as required. To unlock a PDF imported image, double tap and select the padlock icon from the image menu that appears.

*Please note: Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat is required to use this feature.

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