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The Feedback Indicator

The Feedback Indicator

The feedback indicator will appear once the presentation has begun. Drag it to a preferred on-screen location.

  1. Response Feedback
    The percentage of participants who have responded. Click to change to a numeric value.
  2. Repose Question
    Click this to repose the question to the participants.
  3. Pick a Participant
    A random participant number appears on-screen. Names will appear if a participant list is active.
  4. Show Graph
    A graph of the results will appear on-screen.
  5. Show Game
    When in Game mode, tapping this button brings up the game screens and animations.
  6. Enable Collaboration
    Choose which participants are able to collaborate and send annotations to the presenter and other participants.


For additional options, right-click on the feedback indicator to see options such as  presentation settings, view, and transparency.

The IP address for the local collaboration, and other session IDs for use with QVR and the RF hardware will be shown at the bottom of the response indicator.


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