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Glass Mode

When Oktopus is opened, the Oktopus toolbar appears on the left hand side. By default, Oktopus will start with a transparent background, called Glass Mode.

Please Note: Glass Mode is not compatible with “Tablet Mode” in Windows 10.

Glass Mode enables annotation and the use of other tools over the current display, whether it’s an application, a web browser, or simply the Desktop. The Glass Mode layer also supports click-through, so there is no need to minimize Oktopus to work with other programs.

Navigating to a new slide will take a screenshot of everything on the screen at that moment in time for future review. When a screenshot has been taken, the word “screenshot” with an “x” will appear at the top middle of the screen.

To delete the screenshot, tap the “x”. Please note that once you delete a screenshot, you cannot get it back again.

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