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Handwriting Recognition

See “Pen Tool”. Use the pen tool normally to write the desired word or sentence. When finished, tap or click the “enter” icon and it will convert into text.


Windows 7 Users

OKTOPUS uses the Microsoft in-built handwriting recognition facility and therefore will convert into the language configured within your Windows Operating System.

For Windows 7 and above, refer to the Microsoft website for more information.



Windows 8 and 10 Users

To turn on handwriting recognition:

1. Click Start > Type “Language” > Click  “Edit Language and Keyboard Options”

2. Click “Options” beside your system language.

3. Windows may inform you that a language pack is available to download. If so, download and install it. If not, then handwriting recognition is either already enabled, or not available for your language.

4. Restart OKTOPUS, and handwriting recognition should now work.

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