Qwizdom OKTOPUS Software

Game-Based Learning with Touch Panels

Please note: GameZones requires a touch screen to interact with the games and is only available for Microsoft Windows .

Engage students with learning games designed for interactive touch screens, whiteboards and projectors. These multi-player games are perfect for ages 5-13.

Get students excited about learning with GameZones. Select a Math, Reading, Science or Social Studies game to help introduce, reinforce, and reteach a new concept or skill. These sorting and labeling activities can be played independently, with a partner or in small groups.


Differentiate Learning:
Create up to 4 learning zones for students to practice newly learned skills appropriate for their abilities.

Never Run Out of Content:
New content appears each time an activity is started.

Drop-Dead Simple:
Start a learning game in just 4 clicks. Simply Open GameZones, select the number of zones, subject and game. It’s really that easy.

Independent Practice:
Give students time and hands-on practice to explore and experience new content at their own pace.

Immediate Feedback:
Students instantly know if they have answered incorrectly, so they can focus building skills on that topic or subject.

“I feel that my students are much more engaged in my lessons when using the Oktopus software. They love being able to use the tools as they learn.” Natalie Hill, 5th Grade Teacher, Brooks Elementary School

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