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Software Update – 4.4.31

Version 4.4.31 is now available for download!

Based on previous user feedback, we have solved the problem when loading consecutive IWB files, and we’ve made a lot of improvements and fixed some bugs that may be an issue when prepping a lesson. We’ve added a new save option, and we’ve sorted out the issue when moving slides around.

Download from https://qwizdomoktopus.com/downloads

Change Log

  • General – Added preference option to prompt for Clear Screen
  • General – When a hyperlink is clicked and a background is active, OKTOPUS will minimise
  • General – “Save” will now over-write a lesson without prompting
  • General – Added a “Save-As” option
  • General – Pen and eraser tools will now remember previous settings when using keyboard shortcuts
  • General – Images will no longer load with a selection box around them
  • Bug Fix – IWB files can now be loaded consecutively
  • Bug Fix – IWB properties.xml will now display correct data
  • Bug Fix – Eraser translation for “size” will now be displayed correctly
  • Bug Fix – Eraser tool will now erase at the correct size
  • Bug Fix – Eraser tool will show the correct size when using the mouse scroll to change size
  • Bug Fix – Saving to PDF will now export all slides
  • Bug Fix – Re-ordering slides will now place the slide in the correct position
  • Bug Fix – Sums will now load correctly when saving and re-opening a saved lesson
  • Bug Fix – Hyperlinks will now be saved as part of the lesson
  • Bug Fix – Lines will no longer change thickness when adjusting the width of other lines
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