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Software Update – 4.4.37

Today we’ve release version 4.4.37.

This update brings in support for 4K / UHD screens. We’ve re-jigged our interface and have built it specifically with 4K screens in mind. You can be sure of a pixel-perfect display for your 4K content with OKTOPUS.

We’ve also implemented some recent community feedback and have implemented a primary-friendly font for our numbers tool and sentence builder tool.

Download from: https://qwizdomoktopus.com/downloads

Change Log

  • New Feature – OKTOPUS is now compatible with Ultra-HD / 4K resolutions
  • New Feature – OKTOPUS now supports lesson scaling when opened on different resolutions (save your lesson in the original resolution using this version for scaling to take effect)
  • New Feature – It is now possible to de-activate toolsets by clicking on the toolset name in aerial mode.
  • New Feature – Shapes, annotations, and text boxes now support locking
  • General – OKTOPUS will now resize if the Windows taskbar is resized
  • General – Screen Recording tool will now minimise to the taskbar when recording starts (to stop recording, maximise the tool and click the stop button)
  • General – New school-friendly font for the Numbers and Word Builder tools
  • General – “Move” cursor icon will no longer disappear when moving a shape or image
  • General – “Esc” keyboard button will return to cursor mode
  • General – “Del” keyboard button will now delete the current selection made by the Selection Tool
  • General – Translation improvements
  • General – SWF files will now play back at a slower speed
  • Bug Fix – Custom backgrounds will save into the lesson correctly
  • Bug Fix – It is now possible to select an object if an annotation is drawn around it
  • Bug Fix – Save-As will no longer omit multimedia from the file
  • Bug Fix – Table Builder tool within the Text Box controls will now populate correctly
  • Bug Fix – Decreased area where dice can land so they no longer land behind the sidebar
  • Bug Fix – Copying and pasting an image from Internet Explorer will now appear in OKTOPUS correctly
  • Bug Fix – Dragging a hyperlinked image from a web browser will now appear in OKTOPUS correctly
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