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Software Update – 4.4.46

The latest version of Qwizdom OKTOPUS is now available!

In this release we’ve implemented lots more background options including lined paper, graphing paper, and some new colours.

We’ve also added a buzzer sound to our countdown timer, improved scrolling through the sidebar, and made the handwriting recognition available in every tool category. Check out the change log for all the updates.

Download from: https://qwizdomoktopus.com/downloads

  • New Feature – New backgrounds including lined paper and graph paper
  • New Feature – Added a buzzer sound when the stopwatch countdown reaches zero
  • Improvement – OKTOPUS will allow other applications to come to the front when a background is applied. OKTOPUS will retain focus in Glass Mode.
  • Improvement – Handwriting Recognition tool is now available in every category
  • Improvement – Handwriting Recognition will default to US English for UK users who do not have UK handwriting recognition available on their system
  • Improvement – Improved scrolling within the sidebar when using the mouse wheel
  • Improvement – It is now possible to copy and paste selected items in the selection tool
  • Improvement – Locked items are no longer included in the selection tool
  • Improvement – Pen, shape, image, and text menus are now movable. They will remember their location until OKTOPUS is closed.
  • Bug Fix – Clicking on a tool menu will no longer cause it to disappear
  • Bug Fix – An audio file will no longer repopulate if deleted using the “X”
  • Bug Fix – Pen, shape, image and text menus will no longer appear in PDF exports
  • Bug Fix – Numbers will appear correctly on slides which have been duplicated
  • Bug Fix – Using handwriting recognition will give the textbox an improved width and height
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