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Software Update – 4.4.52

OKTOPUS 4.4.52 is now available for download!

We are delighted to announce that OKTOPUS can now import Smart Notebook files directly – as requested by many of our users who are now using OKTOPUS after moving away from Notebook.

We have also added in the ability to choose your own collaboration ports (that one is for the network admins), we’ve got even more backgrounds to choose from, and we’ve implemented a brand new design for our webcam feed tool!

We’ve also made some performance improvements, tidied up our highlighter UI, fixed some undo/redo functionality, and a whole lot more. The change log has all the info.

Download from: https://qwizdomoktopus.com/downloads

  • New Feature – Direct .notebook import. Supports annotations, lines, shapes, images, and text. Just click File > Open.
  • New Feature – Support for custom collaboration ports
  • New Feature – Even more new backgrounds and background colors to choose from
  • New Feature – New webcam tool with full-screen, rotation, and a brand new design
  • Improvement – Performance improvements
  • Improvement – Open all supported file types (.wtzx, .iwb, .notebook) from File > Open
  • Improvement – Highlighter tool is now multi-touch and now has colour selection along the bottom
  • Improvement – Undo and Redo commands are more reliable and accurate
  • Improvement – Undo command will now undo slide deletions
  • Improvement – Screen recording will now support secondary monitor
  • Improvement – Drawing a triangle using the Shapes Tool is now more touch friendly
  • Improvement – It is now possible to copy and paste text using touch only (press and hold)
  • Improvement – Better support for pasting product keys into OKTOPUS
  • Bug fix – The cube in the Prisms tool will now align correctly
  • Bug fix – MP4 videos will now stay deleted when using the “X” to close
  • Bug fix – “T” icon on keyboard will now load a textbox
  • Bug fix – Copying and pasting a “Glass Mode” slide will now correctly populate the thumbnail
  • Bug fix – Using handwriting recognition will create a textbox with a better width and height
  • Bug fix – Video will now load automatically after screen capture has been recorded
  • Bug fix – Webcam recordings will no longer result in NaN file sizes
  • Bug fix – Wave (.wav) files can now be added to images
  • Bug fix – Moving the Abacus beads too quickly will no longer result in beads overlapping
  • Bug fix – Dividing fractions will now work as expected
  • Removed functionality: Due to some users experiencing issues, we have removed the ability to move the pen, shape, image, and text menus. We will be addressing and re-implementing at a later date and we apologise for any inconvenience.
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