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Software Update – 4.5.3

A new version of Qwizdom OKTOPUS is now available to download!

We’ve implemented the Smart Notebook import improvements as requested by our community, we’ve made that change to the Periodic Table that was reported to us, we’ve implemented a new touch-friendly Presentation Setup screen, and we’ve also brought a whole list of other improvements and bug fixes to the table!

All the changes are in the Change Log below.

Download from: https://qwizdomoktopus.com/downloads

Change Log

  • New Feature – New Presentation Setup window
  • Improvement – Imported .notebook and .iwb files will now support background colours and images
  • Improvement – Imported .notebook files will now support polygons (shapes)
  • Improvement – Imported .notebook files will now support ordered and unordered lists
  • Improvement – Added .notebook and .iwb files to the “Open Recent” dialogue box
  • Improvement – Added IWB scaling support (imported content will appear best size for the current resolution)
  • Improvement – Performance improvement with refactored pen/image bottom menu
  • Improvement – Boundary boxes around objects will no longer appear when objects are moved. Instead, they will now only appear when the object is single clicked/tapped
  • Improvement – In the File > Open dialogue, all supported file types are now listed individually as well as grouped to allow easier finding and sorting of files
  • Improvement – Pasted images will now appear at the mouse pointer location
  • Improvement – Ticking the selection box at the bottom left of a slide in the navigation pane will no longer force navigation to that slide
  • Improvement – It is now possible to import audio files (.wav and .mp3) from the Media Gallery
  • Improvement – Switching monitors to a screen where one dimension is different and one dimension is the same will no longer stretch Glass Mode screenshots
  • Improvement – When an image is copied to the OKTOPUS clipboard, it is now possible to paste the image infinitely using CTRL + V or using the Paste command
  • Bug Fix – Google Maps API has been updated
  • Bug Fix – Imported .notebook files will now read in the file name as the initial project name
  • Bug Fix – Text boxes will no longer cut off text when importing a .notebook file
  • Bug Fix – Setting an image as a background in Glass Mode will no longer cause a crash when saving
  • Bug Fix – In the Periodic Table, Gallium is now correctly listed as a solid at STP
  • Bug Fix – The  .wav audio import process will now get the correct playback time
  • Bug Fix – The Lines/Shapes tool pop-out will now auto-close when selecting other toolsets
  • Bug Fix – It is now possible to add a word containing an apostrophe into the Word Vault
  • Bug Fix – Dragging numbers into the Abacus will now clear the initial state
  • Bug Fix – Erased objects will now stay erased when pressing “X” to exit OKTOPUS and choosing “Save As”
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