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Digital Learning Day – Taking Steps Towards Educational Technology

“What we have to learn to do, we learn by doing.” – Aristotle

We are living in a unique time wherein the technology we watched in cartoons and science fiction movies is being realized more and more. In the last few decades, using technology has gone from recreational to dependence. This increased use of tech devices, apps, and software has left a mark on our young people and educators are working towards incorporating technology consistently, if not daily. To encourage and foster the use of technology in education, Digital Learning Day was started in 2012 to promote creative and resourceful instructional practices for all students. What is the goal of Digital Learning Day? To celebrate innovative learning practices enhanced by technology. To learn more about Digital Learning Day, watch this video: What is Digital Learning Day?

Educational technology need not be complicated, expensive, or limited to specific environments such as computer labs. In fact, with a simple search on the Internet you are sure to find articles, case studies, and white papers on the benefits of technology on student learning improvement, active engagement during a lesson, and the positive role immediate feedback plays on confidence and achievement. To learn more about the influence of technology on education or ways to integrate ed tech into your instructional program, click on the articles below:

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