Qwizdom OKTOPUS Software



Welcome, Avocor customer!


This page has been designed to help you download and activate your software and supply helpful links along the way.

Your purchase of an Avocor screen includes product keys which entitles you to:




Windows 8 / Windows 10
MacOS 10.14 - 11

Key Information:  Your OKTOPUS key can be used two times. This is a lifetime license which means that updates are free for the lifetime of the product.

Details:  Wait, so what exactly is OKTOPUS? We’re glad you asked! Learn more about the features here. Once installed and activated, you’ll get access to over 70 amazing tools.

You’ll probably have loads of questions, so the quickest place to start for help is our FAQ page. If those don’t quench your thirst for knowledge or if there’s something you want to let us know about, you can create a support ticket from there too.




Key Information: Your product key will also activate a Ximbus license for 3 years.

Details: If you haven’t already done so, activate your product key against a Qwizdom account. You’ll need to use a Google account to use Ximbus. Once activated, you’ll get access a collaborative, multi-platform, cloud-based teaching application which integrates with Google (Microsoft integration coming soon). Learn more about the features here.



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