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Search the OKTOPUS lesson bank for free content. Materials can be downloaded and presented in the classroom using OKTOPUS software. Choose from a wide range of activities covering Math, Reading, Science and more. Create a free account today.

Download and Present Digital Lessons for use with Qwizdom OKTOPUS classroom software.



Free Content



Select from hundreds of free lessons and question sets. Subjects include Math, Reading, Science, History, Geography, Technology and more. Browse and download any free content for use with Qwizdom OKTOPUS classroom software. 

Premium Content


Upgrade to access 1000+ additional Math, Reading and Science lessons and assessments designed by teams of master teachers following strict guidelines. These short, focused lessons are designed to target specific skills and help improve scores on state-mandated tests. All items marked Premium are available for download with a Blend License. Learn more or contact us today to purchase a license.


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