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Community Feedback – Primary-Friendly Fonts

Recently we received a really important piece of feedback about our software, which is our choice of font. It is generally well received as it is clear and easy to read, but there are two areas where it doesn’t make sense for primary school teachers: our numbers tool and the sentence builder tool.

The number 4 and various letters are not displayed in a primary-friendly way, so we will be addressing this with a new type font very soon.

We’ve also got some of our own exciting plans for UHD/4K support in our upcoming release!

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Software Update – 4.4.35

It’s been 5 months since our last update, but we think this one was worth waiting for.

Many thanks to our users for the requests they have sent in to us. We’ve successfully implemented the Open Recent feature, as well as a way to split your screen to support the Windows split-screen function. And we’ve added locking to shapes, images, and text boxes.

The Word Vault tool can now be populated on a per-slide basis, and we’ve taken care of a lot of pesky bugs too.

Download from: https://qwizdomoktopus.com/downloads

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Community Feedback – Open Recent, Split-Screen, and more

Welcome to 2016! We would like to extend our sincere thanks to our community who have taken OKTOPUS in their stride on our first year together. It’s not easy to move away from whiteboard software (especially if it’s all you’ve known) but we hope that we’ve done our part to make it as easy as it possibly can be.

Since our last release we’ve had an influx of feature requests and ideas for improving our software. And we say keep ’em coming!

There are so many great ideas, and we want to get them all in. So far we’ve had feature requests for an “open recent” function, a split-screen function (to deal with the Windows split-screen feature), shape, image, and text-box locking.

For usability we’ve had really great info from school admins about how their network locations work for AppData purposes, so we’ve changed how OKTOPUS works to deal with that. Another great feedback request is to tap anywhere once to go back to cursor mode when drawing a shape. Also worth mentioning is a request for the Word Vault to load on a per-slide basis, rather than on a per-lesson basis.

Thanks also to the users reporting bugs to us, we will do our best to address these and get them fixed for the next release.


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Software Update – 4.4.31

Version 4.4.31 is now available for download!

Based on previous user feedback, we have solved the problem when loading consecutive IWB files, and we’ve made a lot of improvements and fixed some bugs that may be an issue when prepping a lesson. We’ve added a new save option, and we’ve sorted out the issue when moving slides around.

Download from https://qwizdomoktopus.com/downloads

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Community Feedback – More IWB Support and General Usability Ideas

Many thanks to our IWB import users for their continued feedback, this time when loading consecutive IWB files. We’ve seen the issue and we will fix it!

We’ve also had some great usability feedback on different ways to use OKTOPUS, particularly when prepping a lesson.

These items include different ways to save (save vs save-as), mouse controls for the eraser, moving slides around, and tools remembering previous settings.

We’re taking all of these on board and we hope to deliver! Stay tuned.

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Software Update – 4.4.26

Version 4.4.26 has now been released.

We’ve improved our IWB import process and accuracy, added much-needed clipboard support and the ability to add multimedia from network share locations based on community feedback, and added a few more preferences to control how OKTOPUS looks and works.

Download from http://qwizdomoktopus.com/downloads

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Community Feedback – IWB Improvements and Clipboard Support

Our IWB import has been well received and a lot of users are now able to bring across their legacy content to OKTOPUS.

Through this, we’ve received valuable feedback and a lot more “real life” IWB files to test. We’re going to address import speed, layering issues, positioning, and as many more issues as we can. We can’t wait to get this release out the door to make your IWB imports even better!

We’ve also had a lot of users asking for clipboard support, where you can copy and paste from other areas or applications into OKTOPUS. We’ve been working on this already, so watch out for it in the upcoming release.

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Software Update – Version 4.4.23

We are delighted to release version 4.4.23, now with IWB import.

Most notable changes include IWB import (based on community feedback), touch screen detection, some useful shortcuts, a little bit of tidying up, and several bug fixes for annotating and the undo/redo history.

Download from http://qwizdomoktopus.com/downloads

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Community Feedback – IWB Import

In the months following the release of Qwizdom OKTOPUS, we have received a lot of requests for IWB import support from our user community to help them transition from their legacy software to our solution.

IWB files can be exported from many whiteboard software packages and include objects such as annotations, lines, shapes, images, and text. You can read more about the IWB project at http://iwbcff.sourceforge.net/

We are committed to delivering this feature in an upcoming release.

IWB Import (for Smart Notebook and Promethean ActivInspire files) is now available in version 4.4.23 (August 7th, 2015).

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