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Software Update – 4.5.0

We’re delighted to announce that our latest and greatest version of OKTOPUS is now available!

We’ve made some major changes to our polling support, by now making it possible to set up each slide as a specific question, with answer options and correct answer specified.

We’ve also added in nested slides, so you can add a subset of slides to any standard slide.

Based on community feedback, we’ve also added in additional shapes and set up a limit for significant figures.

Download from: https://qwizdomoktopus.com/downloads

Change Log

  • New Feature – Question Slides. It is now possible to set up slides as Question Slides. Configure question type, answer(s), points, and timers before presenting
  • New Feature – Nested Answer Slides. Add nested slides to question slides which can be optionally expanded and viewed, allowing further explanation and discussion around a specific question
  • New Feature – Additional shapes have been added, including arrows, stars, and more
  • New Feature – Significant Figures. OKTOPUS will round to 3 significant figures by default. This option can be changed in Preferences.
  • Improvement – New audio playback tool including a minimized view, resize handle, time seeker, repeat function, and volume control.
  • Improvement – Select Map tool navigation
  • Improvement – Webcam feed will always remain on the bottom layer so annotations always remain on top
  • Bug Fix – OKTOPUS will load all tools correctly and with saved values when opening a saved file
  • Bug Fix – Using “CTRL + V” on a keyboard to paste information into OKTOPUS will no longer add a “v” in a text box when “Click to Type” has been selected
  • Bug Fix – Clear Screen options in the Standard Tools will now update as expected when language is changed
  • Bug Fix – Function Machine will now load with saved data when opening a saved file
  • Bug Fix – Text boxes are now saving and reloading with strikethrough, subscript, and superscript
  • Bug Fix – Country labels in the Select Map tool have been corrected


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