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Welcome to Qwizdom Bundle Key Registration!

The purchase of a new board includes a permanent license for the OKTOPUS Software (2 installs), a renewable license for the OKTOPUS Blend upgrade, and a renewable license for Ximbus.

The Bundle Product Key is used to activate the software and register the renewable licenses. See below for details.


Windows 8 / Windows 10
MacOS 10.14 - 11

OKTOPUS Software (permanent license)

With the OKTOPUS software you get standard annotation, subject-specific tools and games. The basic software also allows collaboration with up to 5 participants on the same network.

Download and install OKTOPUS (standalone) from: qwizdomoktopus.com/downloads
Enter the product key in the activation window of the software after installed.


OKTOPUS Blend (renewable license)
The OKTOPUS Blend upgrade increases collaboration to 40 participants, and adds K-10 lessons for in-class presentation or self-paced completion online.


  1. To activate renewable license for online features and premium lessons within the software:
  2. Open OKTOPUS , go to Settings > Login to My Account
  3. Click ‘Not Registered’ link. (If you intend to use Ximbus as well, register using an email address associated with a Google account.)
  4. Complete form, enter product key, submit.
  5. Click link in verification email.

Getting Started Videos:

OKTOPUS Overview
Using Standard Tools 
Subject-Specific Tools
Search and Download Content

For more detailed information, see the Full User Guide.



Ximbus (renewable license)

Use the Ximbus site to create lessons from your Google Drive content. Annotate, present or assign, collaborating with up to 40 students online.


  1. To activate renewable license of Ximbus for Google.
  2. Go to http://app.ximbus.com
  3. Click Activate a License.
  4. Login to your Google Account.
  5. Apply the product key.
    (If prompted to first register a Qwizdom Account, follow the link, complete the form, enter the key and submit. Afterwards, return to the Ximbus site and re-enter your key there.)

Getting Started:

For help getting started, visit Qwizdom Inc YouTube Channel.



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