Qwizdom OKTOPUS Software

Business Solutions

Oktopus annotation & presentation software allows you to quickly create, capture and share your ideas. Annotate over the top of any digital resources, including PDFs, websites, Word Docs and much more. Save all annotations without altering the original document. Enhance your presentations by creating videos, adding audio as well as polling questions.

Our market-leading 4K solution makes annotation fast, smooth and consistent – no matter what application you are running. Use OKTOPUS to capture brainstorming sessions, group comments and ideas all in one document that can be shared with the team. 

For added engagement and participation, use the free Qwizdom Notes+ App or any web browser to join live presentations and collaborate in real-time. Users can add media, share annotations, answer questions and review content post session. 

Contact us to learn more about OKTOPUS business solutions. Looking for education solutions? Click here.

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