Qwizdom OKTOPUS Software

Change Log.

4.8.0 (November 23rd 2023)


New Features

  • New Language – Euskara
  • Grouping support has been added. Selecting multiple items and pressing the “group” icon will group the objects together as one item. Note, text objects not yet supported
  • Multi-Selection – Holding CTRL then clicking objects will add them to the selection, or click again to de-select


  • Improved Google Maps tool
  • Media Capture tool now has improved webcam handling for widescreen and 4:3 resolution cameras
  • Media Capture tool now supports double-tap to enter or exit full screen mode
  • Media Capture tool now has improved high resolution / high DPI handling
  • Improved Highligher speed and performance
  • Preferences dialogue layout has been changed to tabs to help support smaller resolutions or higher DPI settings
  • Undo/Redo now supports resizing of objects such as annotations, images, textboxes
  • Undo/Redo now supports erase actions
  • Undo/Redo now supports moving and resizing of multi-selected objects
  • Undo/Redo now has an improved history for dealing with undo order
  • Pressing CTRL+A within a textbox now shows a hyperlink button to apply to the entire text
  • Polling Tools such as Multiple Choice, Sequence, will have an improved pop-out menu to select polling choices
  • URLs are now clickable in the About window

Bug Fixes

  • IWB files imported from Promethean ActivInspire will now load certain types of shapes correctly
  • IWB files imported from Smart Notebook will now read in certain types of text objects correctly
  • The Quick Tool Palette will automatically hide again when interacting with the canvas
  • After using the text tool, the cursor icon will now show correctly for the Media Gallery, Audio Import tool, and polling tools
  • Dragging over, then away from an number tool object will no longer keep it locked in place
  • Changing from subscript to superscript and vice versa will now work as intended
  • Saving a file and manually typing in the file name will now give an overwrite warning prompt
  • Text boxes no longer appear partially invisible in a case where 3 lines are written and backspace is pressed
  • “Opacity” is now used in the English language tooltip nstead of “Alpha” for the highlighter
  • Text box toolbar now auto closes when a text box is deleted
  • Writing “X” with handwriting recognition will no longer cause a potential out-of-range error
  • Scientific calculator bug fixes
  • Mac OS – pressing E or D on the keyboard will no longer bring up emoticon / dictation menus (introduced with Monterey)
  • Mac OS – Drawing offset no longer occurs
  • Mac OS – Lines and Shapes toolbar is now correctly shown above the dock
  • Mac OS – Entering Glass Mode twice in a row no longer causes the cursor to disappear
  • Mac OS – Screen recording playback no longer shows as distorted when playing back with a 3rd party media player

4.7.12 (October 14th, 2022)


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with widget loading when opening saved files

4.7.11 (September 28th, 2022)


New Features

  • Dice Tool now has 8 multi-colored dice which have been specially designed to support learners with color blindness


  • Google Maps tool has been rebuilt and now supports auto-fill. Click away from the map to save it as an image to the bottom layer of the canvas. Double click the image or click the “Map” icon at the top left of the image to make it interactive again.
  • Arrows will now have a minimum thickness of 1 rather than 0 which caused it to become invisible
  • Scientific Calculator will now show an updated display automatically when the sum is changed
  • Set Square now has better rotation implemented
  • Copying and pasting several objects at once will take layers into consideration
  • Drawing through the Quick Tool Palette (QTP) will no longer cause the cursor to stop
  • Creating a new text box will have the same font color as the last-selected color
  • Using keyboard shortcuts to format text such as bold, italic, and underline will now highlight the text properties buttons accordingly

Bug Fixes

  • Text Tool – Drawing a text box out of bounds will now draw correctly to the outer boundary of the usable space.
  • Text Tool – Adding a hyperlink to a word will no longer cause issues if multiple copies of that word exist
  • Text Tool – Subscript and Superscript icons will now highlight correctly based on the current selection
  • Text Tool – Cloning a text box will also clone the properties of the text inside
  • Handwriting Recognition toolbar will no longer shift position when drawing over the top of it
  • Double clicking and dragging a shape will no longer cause the trash can to disappear
  • Image hyperlinks are now correctly being saved as part of a lesson when opening on a different computer
  • The Horizontal Bar Graph will now show bars correctly for values under 10
  • The Advanced Graph title will now update correctly
  • The Advanced Graph cells no longer go outside of the widget area when there is only 1 row and 1 column
  • Copying a Table then navigating to another slide will no longer copy it across to the new slide
  • Clear Screen function will now completely remove all objects from the screen
  • Word Vault will no longer unintentionally delete matching words
  • The Letters from the Word Builder and Word Parts will now be sized correctly according to the user preference set in the Preferences screen
  • Reflection Tool – Rectangle points C and D will now display correctly and will no longer show as 1 unit less than they should be
  • It is now possible to drag an object to the trash can if a section of the object had already been erased
  • The erasing process will no longer stop working after a shape has been partly erased and then resized

4.7.9 (January 31st 2022)


New Features

  • Set Square Tool has been added to the Maths toolset
  • New Front-of-Class games (Monster Truck Race and Space Voyager)


  • Smart Notebook imports will now use order of “groups” when loading slides into OKTOPUS
  • Imported images will now have smoothing applied
  • The top right buttons for close / minimize / split screen / home have been made larger and more spaced out
  • Copy and pasting an image with an audio link will now also copy the audio
  • It is now easier to draw a straight line using the ruler tool when the ruler is at an angle
  • Double-clicking a word in a textbox will now show the Word Vault icon
  • Boundary boxes will be more accurate when objects are selected
  • Better handling for the torch and magnifying glass when F12 is used to switch screens
  • The compass tool will now show 5cm as the default to match the existing line
  • Textbox default size has been made larger

Bug Fixes

  • Performing an undo or redo action then switching to pen will now longer cause a pen/cursor conflict
  • It is now possible to correctly select a shape after partial erasing within Glass Mode
  • The close icon will now appear when the OKTOPUS sidebar menu location is set to the right hand side
  • The trash icon will now appear when using the selection tool to only select one item
  • Resizing images using pinch and zoom gestures will no longer also resize the close and link icons
  • Screen recording tool will now record at the selected resolution
  • After selecting advanced shapes, the drawing cursor will now disengage
  • Copying and pasting a table will now correctly copy all values
  • The webcam tool will no longer keep reopening in a saved lesson if it was deleted from a saved lesson
  • Handwriting Recognition menu will now appear correctly when the tool is enabled
  • The option to import a PDF will now appear if the 64-bit version of Adobe Reader is installed
  • PDFs should import more reliably, no longer stopping after the second page
  • Copying and pasting a picture using the QTP will no longer cause the image to drag along with the mouse pointer
  • The arrow thickness preview is no longer wrong, when using the mouse scroll wheel to change it
  • The media gallery menu no longer snaps randomly when resizing
  • Various high dpi scaling fixes

4.7.7 (June 22nd, 2021)



  • Improved language selection and detection, users may be prompted to re-select their language to enable the new changes
  • Creating a custom number line in the Number Line tool between 0 and 10 will now show decimal points (to 1 d.p.) if applicable.
  • The drag points for the Shapes and Angles tool are now larger and easier to use
  • The undo/redo history is now slide-specific
  • The Preference to scale numbers between normal, large, and huge will now also apply to the Fractions tool
  • The Exit Application prompt is now 4K aware
  • IWB files from newer versions of ActivInspire are now supported
  • IWB files from ActivInspire will now load in colour backgrounds
  • Removed FLV as an option for saving videos captured using the Screen Recorder
  • Changed “Send to Back” and “Bring to Front” to “Send Backwards” and “Bring Forwards” for greater control over layering of objects

Bug Fixes

  • Sums created with the Numbers and Symbol tools will no longer disappear
  • Using the eraser will no longer leave behind white lines until another tool is selected
  • The undo/redo history will now be correctly cleared when creating a new lesson file
  • The boundary box will resize correctly when using pinch guestures on shapes, lines, and annotations
  • The boundary box will no longer show parts of a dashed, single arrow, or double arrow line outside of the boundary when it is resized
  • Shapes drawn using the shape recognition function will now have a correctly styled boundary box
  • After exiting Simple Glass Mode, the screen capture prompt will no longer show again
  • Deleting a cloned text box will no longer also delete the original text box
  • Fix an issue which may have caused unwanted behavior when dragging slides in slide set view
  • When adding a hyperlink to an image, using CTRL+X to cut the hyperlink text will no longer also delete the image
  • The ruler tool and compass tool are now re-aligned to the same scale
  • Table Tool will stay deleted after changing slides
  • Images will now load reliably after saving and opening
  • Question/Answer slides will no longer show a retract icon if Answer slides are not created under it
  • Text box font color is now accurate when creating a new text box
  • The textbox tool will now show the font and font size on text box creation
  • Deleting an “advanced” shape using the X icon is fixed
  • The Number Line tool will now save numbers dragged out of it in the correct location
  • The Shapes and Angles tool shapes will no longer follow the mouse when clicked once

4.7.5 (November 11th, 2020)


New Features

  • The ruler now has the ability to draw a straight line using an attached pencil tool
  • New Language – Lithuanian has been added
  • Smart Notebook XBK files can now be opened in OKTOPUS
  • New launcher icon for Professional Development


  • The ruler tool now has cm on the top row by default
  • Screen Recorder tool has been updated to support mp4 files, and can now be set to record in 480p, 720p, or 1080p
  • Slide numbers have been added to the slide sorter
  • The Word Vault tool initial loading speed has been significantly improved
  • The Number Line tool can now accept negative values
  • On “Start Presentation”, if the Q&A setup window is open, it will now be closed automatically
  • Copying and pasting multiple items will no longer paste directly on top of the original objects
  • Textboxes will remain in edit mode while using the text toolbar to manipulate options
  • Textbox height will be automatically adjusted after using handwriting recognition (Windows only)
  • The pop-out shapes menu will now remain open when adjusting colours and thickness using the shapes toolbar
  • The toolbar for the Lines tool is now 4K/high DPI aware
  • The Splash screen and launcher are now 4K/high DPI aware
  • Clear Screen and Clear Annotations warnings are now 4K/high DPI aware
  • The ruler tool is now 4K/high DPI aware
  • The Compass tool is now 4K/high DPI aware
  • Smart Notebook import – File import time has been significantly improved
  • Smart Notebook import – Grouped objects are now supported
  • Smart Notebook import – Textbox rotation is now supported
  • Smart Notebook import – Object rotation is now supported
  • Smart Notebook import – Weblinks on textboxes and images are now supported
  • Smart Notebook import – Per-textbox line spacing is now supported
  • Smart Notebook import – Pillarboxes will no longer be generated, but content will still be scaled and centered. Existing lessons that have been saved as native OKTOPUS files will also have their sidebars removed.
  • Smart Notebook import – The OKTOPUS “permaclone” attribute will be applied automatically to imported objects which has the “permanent clone” feature set
  • Smart Notebook import – Objects will support locking natively in OKTOPUS if they were originally locked in the Smart Notebook file
  • Smart Notebook import – Each individual slide will now have its own set height and width for optimal scaling
  • Smart Notebook import – OKTOPUS will now load the native webcam viewier if a camera feed was part of the original Smart Notebook lesson
  • Smart Notebook import – Various invalid parameter warning and errors causing files to fail import have been resolved

Bug Fixes

  • Language detection fixes
  • The Line tool opacity slider will now adjust the opacity as expected
  • The Select Map tool will no longer crash if parts of it are clicked while maps are still loading
  • The Reflection Tool will no longer display x=1 incorrectly
  • Textbox hyperlinks can now be used with touch input
  • The textbox toolbar will no longer be incorrectly positioned if the textbox originated off-screen
  • Copying and pasting objects will no longer remove the original on slide move in some cases
  • Vote style questions will no longer incorrectly appear as numeric input
  • Image menu will now update correctly after selecting consecutive images
  • Setting an image as a background will no longer cause the cursor selection function to break
  • Using F12 to swap OKTOPUS to other monitors will no longer cause Simple Glass Mode to break
  • The “X” icon on objects will no longer be clickable after it has faded away


  • NEW – Age groups menu makes it easier to find content specific to various grades / ages.
  • NEW – 75 new games added. Total number of games is now 168.
  • Various bugfixes

4.7.4 – Mac Only (July 21st, 2020)


New Features

  • Support for MacOS 10.15 Catalina


  • The toolbar for pen, shapes, lines, and text will no longer appear behind the dock
  • Qwizdom Tools (required for polling and collaboration) will open automatically once OKTOPUS is opened.

4.7.3 (January 13th, 2020)


New Features

  • “Permaclone” – Infinitely clone a pen annotation, shape, or image by assigning it as a cloned object, and drag out infinite copies.
  • Import PDFs – OKTOPUS can now import PDF files as locked images. Currently the PDFs will be imported in landscape, but the imported images of the PDF pages can be unlocked, resized, or rotated as required. To unlock a PDF imported image, double tap and select the padlock icon from the image menu that appears. There are two methods of import:
    • File > Open > Select PDF file. This will create a new lesson and will import the PDF on a page-by-page basis into the slides.
    • File > Import PDF > Select PDF file. This will import the PDF into an existing lesson after the currently selected slide.

Note: PDF Import functionality requires Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to function


  • It is now possible to change the opacity of partially erased shapes and annotations
  • Maths Probability Spinner will now support “tap to hide answer” feature
  • After opening the Media Gallery, the cursor tool will become active to allow images to be selected
  • Double-tapping a locked object will now show the object menu
  • When creating a shape, the default opacity will now be 100%
  • The Table Tool feature within the Textbox tool now has its own icon under Literacy / Language Arts


Bug Fixes

  • OKTOPUS will no longer incorrectly start up in Glass Mode with a background applied
  • The pen tool will no longer pick up objects after switching to Glass Mode
  • In Simple Glass Mode, double tapping with the selection tool active will no longer keep OKTOPUS in a minimised state
  • Objects are no longer being incorrectly transferred over to a new slide or when selecting File > New
  • The slide preview will no longer be black in some instances after opening a saved OKTOPUS file
  • Front-of-class Games will now progress to the last slide if it is a “Vote” question
  • Images dragged from Google Images into OKTOPUS can now be cloned
  • Image menu options no longer apply to the wrong image when images are overlapping
  • Image location will now be correctly saved
  • The last weblink to be added to an image will now be saved
  • Table headings and values are now being saved correctly as part of the save file
  • Copying and pasting objects then deleting one of the copies will no longer also delete the original
  • Fixed logic to handle pasting events from the Windows clipboard and the OKTOPUS clipboard
  • It is no longer possible to record and save an audio file without first giving it a name
  • Dragging the Import Audio Tool will no longer make it disappear
  • Pyramid Tool segment count box is no longer editable
  • Pyramid Tool increase/decrease buttons will now be greyed out when maximum and minimum values are reached
  • Number Tool place value arrows will now be greyed out when maximum and minimum values are reached
  • Word Parts Tool boundary box is now the correct size
  • Word Parts scroll bar size has been made larger
  • Abacus Tool boundary box will now move with the Abacus
  • Boundary boxes will now longer be left behind after deleting an image
  • Table Tool location will now be correctly saved within a lesson
  • Using the Undo command after deleting a table will no longer change the title and labels of the table when it reappears
  • Tapping the Eraser Tool size bar, rather than dragging, to adjust the size will now work as expected
  • After using handwriting recognition, the textbox that appears is no longer editable by default
  • Moving the Window Shade Tool while cursor is active is no longer picking up objects behind the Shade
  • Creating a Text Box over an image will no longer also drag the image
  • When creating triangles with the Shapes Tool, it is now possible to create a triangle from any direction
  • Choosing “restart now” on the Preferences screen, then choosing “cancel” at the save prompt will no longer close OKTOPUS
  • Eraser Tool will now deactivate when interacting with the Quick Tool Palette
  • The Eraser Tool will no longer appear to support multitouch, as it is a single touch tool
  • The “save as” prompt will no longer appear when pressing “save” after opening an OKTOPUS file directly
  • The Save prompt will occur if multiple empty slides exist, or if the first empty slide is a question
  • The “open recent” window will now prompt to save if changes have been made to the open lesson
  • Locked objects can no longer be moved after using the selection tool from certain directions
  • Locked objects can no longer be resized or rotated when using the selection tool
  • Locked objects will no longer be picked up when using the selection tool on a mixture of locked and unlocked objects
  • Using the Selection Tool to capture a mixture of locked and unlocked objects, then dragging to the trash, will no longer trash the locked objects
  • Locked objects will no longer show the “X” (close) button when tapped
  • OKTOPUS will no longer cause an error when the Ruler Tool is rotated
  • Custom backgrounds added from Google Search images will now correctly save as part of the lesson
  • Maps Tool Turkish language correction for “Van”
  • Text tool menu will now correctly display on a 1366*766 screen resolution
  • IWB imports will no longer have the symbol “ƞ” before new lines in textboxes

4.7.2 (August 9th, 2019)


 Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue where OKTOPUS may not reopen after being closed until logging out / restarting.
  • When dragging multiple objects to the trash and saving and opening the file again, the objects will stay deleted
  • When dragging multiple objects to the trash and refreshing the slide, the objects will stay deleted
  • Resolved an issue where Notes+ may stop updating during a presentation
  • Question slides will pose to remotes consistently
  • Rotation of images sent via Notes+ client will now save when using multi-touch to rotate

4.7.1 (July 1st, 2019)


 Bug Fixes

  • Front-of-class game buttons will now scale correctly on 4K/high DPI displays
  • Updated front-of-class games with new right/wrong feedback assets
  • Removed possibility of accidentally selecting an answer immediately after choosing a 4 player game
  • Starting an OKTOPUS polling/collaboration session with Simple Presentation Settings turned to “off” will no longer cause a crash
  • It is now possible to begin a polling/collaboration session with a question type of “Vote”
  • In collaboration mode, fixed an issue with resizing images received by Notes+ (student) connected users
  • Dragging multiple shapes to the trash will no longer incorrectly delete the last selected shape if it is not included in the selected area
  • Cloning an image will now clone it with identical size and rotation attributes
  • Cloned text boxes will now delete correctly
  • It is now possible to consecutively open Smart Notebook files (affected 4.7.0 only)

4.7.0 (May 30th, 2019)

New Features

  • Front-of-class polling. OKTOPUS now has a brand new mode where up to 4 players can respond to questions at the board. Multitouch flatpanel display required.


  • Improved lesson loading speed
  • OKTOPUS will now open up on the last used screen to support multi-screen display environments (F12 on keyboard toggles display when OKTOPUS is the active application)
  • Improved transparency click-through support
  • Standard keyboard shortcuts for bold, italics, underline, select all, copy, paste are now supported when editing textboxes
  • Copying and pasting images directly from Microsoft Office documents to OKTOPUS and vice versa is now supported
  • It is now possible to drag the dice shaker to the trash
  • Clicking on a slide background after clicking on an object will now auto-hide the object toolbar
  • Hovering with a mouse near the QTP no longer shows green tooltip marks
  • Added new preference for normal / large / huge number and letter sizes
  • On-screen keyboard will no longer automatically pop up for Microsoft Windows 8/10 users when Touch Friendly mode is enabled
  • Screen Recorder and On-screen Keyboard applications will now appear correct on displays with a high DPI
  • Improved reaction times when selecting multiple objects when dragging a selection box with the cursor
  • Locking an annotation, shapes, or line, will also prevent it from being erased by the Eraser tool
  • Improved memory resource allocation when importing a .notebook file
  • GameZones – allows for activation if OKTOPUS has not yet been activated directly

Bug Fixes

  • Smart Notebook import – Annotations will no longer shift to the right when saving a .notebook file to an OKTOPUS file
  • OKTOPUS no longer stays in a slower transparency mode when navigating back to a Glass Mode slide that had been used to capture a screenshot
  • Copying and pasting PNG images with transparency from a web browser will no longer fill the transparent layer with a black background
  • Textbox handles will no longer disappear before getting a chance to resize it, after selecting the textbox
  • Locked objects will no longer show the locked icon when loading a saved lesson and will only show when clicked
  • Moving the QTP with a pen activated will no longer draw through it
  • Drawing near the QTP will no longer cause the pen to slow down or pick up an “invisible” button
  • Pressing and holding on a touch screen to invoke the QTP when the pen is active will no longer leave a dot behind
  • Importing images from websites then saving an OKTOPUS lesson will no longer cause it to crash
  • Touch-to-Type functionality will no longer cause duplicated text to appear in unrelated textboxes
  • It is no longer possible to accidentally select a textbox when changing the pen colour if a textbox is partially underneath the pen menu
  • Improved handwriting recognition support to correctly distinguish between multiplication sums and text with the letter “x”
  • Implemented the new Google Maps API to resolve white screen issue
  • Adding a new slide to a question slide while it is in a collapsed state will no longer cause an issue with the question/answer slideset
  • Using the selection tool will now work consistently if used consecutively
  • Improved the wording for the thermometer tool if above maximum values have been entered
  • Layering is now being correctly remembered when navigating back to a previously loaded slide
  • Shapes and Angles tool will no longer show the incorrect sum of angles in some instances
  • Images will no longer load with the “X” showing when loading a saved lesson
  • SWF files will now fade out the X and resize buttons
  • GameZones – high DPI / scaling recalculations
  • GameZones – it is now possible to exit the application with a mouse even if “Touch” has been selected
  • GameZones – changed player menu and back buttons to the left hand side

4.6.0 (October 22nd, 2018)

New Features

  • Introducing “GameZones”, a quadrant educational games app, designed for touchscreens. Zones include Social Studies, Language Arts, Math, and Science. Also includes Teacher Tools to support front-of-class teaching. GameZones supports 1 to 4 players. English language only.
  • A new Launcher. The launcher provides quick start options to collaboration, lesson content options, and the new GameZones application. Also includes tutorial walkthroughs. English language only.
  • A new implementation of Glass Mode to help support fast pen usage when a background is applied, but also supports Glass Mode. Pen performance in Glass Mode may vary depending on your system specification.
  • Support for Catalan language
  • New walkthrough when joining a collaboration session


  • UI Improvement – Toolset / Slide / Backgrounds buttons are now easier to distinguish
  • UI Improvement – Menu option behaviour improvements
  • UI Improvement – Various 4K scaling improvements
  • Smart Notebook Import – Added support for superscript and subscript
  • Slides can now be moved in slide view by clicking / tapping and then dragging to a new position
  • Improvements to Simple Glass Mode
  • Shapes now support a transparent value of “0” to support full transparency
  • OKTOPUS will now remember the last-used font and font properties when it is reopened
  • Number Grid tool now has 11x and 12x multiples
  • Webcam tool will now dynamically resize when a new input source is selected, to allow better support for older visualizers

Bug Fixes

  • Smart Notebook Import – Importing a new file will now remove the previous lesson slides
  • Smart Notebook Import – Unknown backgrounds will now appear as a white background, not as a black background
  • Clicking an image weblink will no longer result in the cursor “sticking” to the button
  • Using the Magnifying Glass tool or the Torch tool after using the eraser will now deselect the eraser tool
  • Improvements for “Touch to Type”
  • The crosshair icon will no longer appear in screen captures
  • Generating an empty 3D pie chart will no longer cause a crash
  • Clicking the QTP will now always open on the first click
  • Window Shade will now save as part of the slide / lesson
  • Drawing a textbox over the top of an object will no longer move the object
  • Clicking the sidebar will no longer select the object behind it
  • OKTOPUS will no longer fail to save a lesson after copying and pasting an image

4.5.5 (February 1st, 2018)

  • Change – NEW “Simple Glass Mode”. A new way of capturing your desktop and other applications has been introduced to result in a significant improvement in pen speed, especially on 4K/UHD screens. The current Glass Mode will be reintroduced with a future update. Click here for further information.
  • New – Interactive Activities. Find them in your toolset selector. Supports split screen and quad screen. Run multiple activities independently. Supports rotation for tabletop flatpanels. Please note: Not available to all suppliers of OKTOPUS. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.
  • Improvement – Added split and quad screen backgrounds
  • Improvement – Molecule builder now supports double bonds and triple bonds
  • Improvement – Numbers and Symbols no longer have the “move” icon, which was confusing students
  • Improvement – Added visual feedback when copying and pasting slides
  • Improvement – Added “clone” button to annotations, shapes, lines, and textboxes
  • Improvement – Using the “clone” button for images will no longer paste the cloned image at the mouse pointer location. Instead it will populate slightly offset down and to the right
  • Improvement – Webcam tool now loads the feed in better quality
  • Improvement – Added a “close” button to textboxes when tapped
  • Improvement – Number Line tool has been simplified
  • Improvement – Added collision detection to the dice tool and limited dice to 10
  • Improvement – The Window Shade will now fit to the canvas, so that the bottom drag handle is no longer hidden by the Windows taskbar
  • Bug Fix – When adding the first word to the word vault it either would not open or had a very long opening time
  • Bug Fix – Resolved sizing problems when using the selection tool with the Abacus
  • Bug Fix – Saving as PDF will no longer have a slight offset in Glass Mode screenshots
  • Bug Fix – Smart Notebook imports will now import annotations correctly
  • Bug Fix – Smart Notebook imports will now load correctly if there is only one image on the slide
  • Bug Fix – Moving an object or objects will now correctly prompt to save on exit
  • Bug Fix – Word Vault tool may not have been reading in words from a saved lesson
  • Bug Fix – Inserting, copying, and pasting slides will no longer result in problems with the slide index numbers

4.5.3 (October 27th, 2017)

  • New Feature – New Presentation Setup window
  • Improvement – Imported .notebook and .iwb files will now support background colours and images
  • Improvement – Imported .notebook files will now support polygons (shapes)
  • Improvement – Imported .notebook files will now support ordered and unordered lists
  • Improvement – Added .notebook and .iwb files to the “Open Recent” dialogue box
  • Improvement – Added IWB scaling support (imported content will appear best size for the current resolution)
  • Improvement – Performance improvement with refactored pen/image bottom menu
  • Improvement – Boundary boxes around objects will no longer appear when objects are moved. Instead, they will now only appear when the object is single clicked/tapped
  • Improvement – In the File > Open dialogue, all supported file types are now listed individually as well as grouped to allow easier finding and sorting of files
  • Improvement – Pasted images will now appear at the mouse pointer location
  • Improvement – Ticking the selection box at the bottom left of a slide in the navigation pane will no longer force navigation to that slide
  • Improvement – It is now possible to import audio files (.wav and .mp3) from the Media Gallery
  • Improvement – Switching monitors to a screen where one dimension is different and one dimension is the same will no longer stretch Glass Mode screenshots
  • Improvement – When an image is copied to the OKTOPUS clipboard, it is now possible to paste the image infinitely using CTRL + V or using the Paste command
  • Bug Fix – Google Maps API has been updated
  • Bug Fix – Imported .notebook files will now read in the file name as the initial project name
  • Bug Fix – Text boxes will no longer cut off text when importing a .notebook file
  • Bug Fix – Setting an image as a background in Glass Mode will no longer cause a crash when saving
  • Bug Fix – In the Periodic Table, Gallium is now correctly listed as a solid at STP
  • Bug Fix – The  .wav audio import process will now get the correct playback time
  • Bug Fix – The Lines/Shapes tool pop-out will now auto-close when selecting other toolsets
  • Bug Fix – It is now possible to add a word containing an apostrophe into the Word Vault
  • Bug Fix – Dragging numbers into the Abacus will now clear the initial state
  • Bug Fix – Erased objects will now stay erased when pressing “X” to exit OKTOPUS and choosing “Save As”

4.5.1 (July 25th, 2017)

  • Bug Fix – Fixed crash when choosing a local class in presentation setup.
  • Bug Fix (OKTOPUS Suite) – Fixed crash when starting Content Manager on Windows 10 with latest version of Flash player.

4.5.0 (June 13th, 2017)

  • New Feature – Question Slides. It is now possible to set up slides as Question Slides. Configure question type, answer(s), points, and timers before presenting
  • New Feature – Nested Answer Slides. Add nested slides to question slides which can be optionally expanded and viewed, allowing further explanation and discussion around a specific question
  • New Feature – Additional shapes have been added, including arrows, stars, and more
  • New Feature – Significant Figures. OKTOPUS will round to 3 significant figures by default. This option can be changed in Preferences.
  • Improvement – New audio playback tool including a minimized view, resize handle, time seeker, repeat function, and volume control.
  • Improvement – Select Map tool navigation
  • Improvement – Webcam feed will always remain on the bottom layer so annotations always remain on top
  • Bug Fix – OKTOPUS will load all tools correctly and with saved values when opening a saved file
  • Bug Fix – Using “CTRL + V” on a keyboard to paste information into OKTOPUS will no longer add a “v” in a text box when “Click to Type” has been selected
  • Bug Fix – Clear Screen options in the Standard Tools will now update as expected when language is changed
  • Bug Fix – Function Machine will now load with saved data when opening a saved file
  • Bug Fix – Text boxes are now saving and reloading with strikethrough, subscript, and superscript
  • Bug Fix – Country labels in the Select Map tool have been corrected

4.4.53 (March 30th 2017)

  • Bug Fix – Collaboration screenshots were not being sent through when a background was applied (introduced with 4.4.52)
  • Bug Fix – Rotated protractor size and positioning are now being saved correctly

4.4.52 (March 1st 2017)

  • New Feature – Direct .notebook import. Supports annotations, lines, shapes, images, and text. Just click File > Open.
  • New Feature – Support for custom collaboration ports
  • New Feature – Even more new backgrounds and background colors to choose from
  • New Feature – New webcam tool with full-screen, rotation, and a brand new design
  • Improvement – Performance improvements
  • Improvement – Open all supported file types (.wtzx, .iwb, .notebook) from File > Open
  • Improvement – Highlighter tool is now multi-touch and now has colour selection along the bottom
  • Improvement – Undo and Redo commands are more reliable and accurate
  • Improvement – Undo command will now undo slide deletions
  • Improvement – Screen recording will now support secondary monitor
  • Improvement – Drawing a triangle using the Shapes Tool is now more touch friendly
  • Improvement – It is now possible to copy and paste text using touch only (press and hold)
  • Improvement – Better support for pasting product keys into OKTOPUS
  • Bug fix – The cube in the Prisms tool will now align correctly
  • Bug fix – MP4 videos will now stay deleted when using the “X” to close
  • Bug fix – “T” icon on keyboard will now load a textbox
  • Bug fix – Copying and pasting a “Glass Mode” slide will now correctly populate the thumbnail
  • Bug fix – Using handwriting recognition will create a textbox with a better width and height
  • Bug fix – Video will now load automatically after screen capture has been recorded
  • Bug fix – Webcam recordings will no longer result in NaN file sizes
  • Bug fix – Wave (.wav) files can now be added to images
  • Bug fix – Moving the Abacus beads too quickly will no longer result in beads overlapping
  • Bug fix – Dividing fractions will now work as expected
  • Removed functionality: Due to some users experiencing issues, we have removed the ability to move the pen, shape, image, and text menus. We will be addressing and re-implementing at a later date and we apologise for any inconvenience.

4.4.46 (September 22nd, 2016)

  • New Feature – New backgrounds including lined paper and graph paper
  • New Feature – Added a buzzer sound when the stopwatch countdown reaches zero
  • Improvement – OKTOPUS will allow other applications to come to the front when a background is applied. OKTOPUS will retain focus in Glass Mode.
  • Improvement – Handwriting Recognition tool is now available in every category
  • Improvement – Handwriting Recognition will default to US English for UK users who do not have UK handwriting recognition available on their system
  • Improvement – Improved scrolling within the sidebar when using the mouse wheel
  • Improvement – It is now possible to copy and paste selected items in the selection tool
  • Improvement – Locked items are no longer included in the selection tool
  • Improvement – Pen, shape, image, and text menus are now movable. They will remember their location until OKTOPUS is closed.
  • Bug Fix – Clicking on a tool menu will no longer cause it to disappear
  • Bug Fix – An audio file will no longer repopulate if deleted using the “X”
  • Bug Fix – Pen, shape, image and text menus will no longer appear in PDF exports
  • Bug Fix – Numbers will appear correctly on slides which have been duplicated
  • Bug Fix – Using handwriting recognition will give the textbox an improved width and height

4.4.43 (August 2nd, 2016)

  • New Feature – OKTOPUS will use Microsoft’s handwriting capabilities (if installed on your system) for the currently selected language within OKTOPUS. Requires restart of OKTOPUS after the language is changed.
  • Improvement – Images will no longer shift down or to the right when opening lessons on another resolution
  • Improvement – Clicking on a locked item will no longer show the Link and Close buttons
  • Improvement – Clicking the audio icon on an image with attached audio will no longer select the entire image
  • Improvement – Speed improvement when adding audio files
  • Improvement – Selection box can now de-select objects when dragging
  • Improvement – Added tooltips to Pen, Line, and Text menus
  • Bug Fix – An audio file which was deleted using the close button will no longer reappear when navigating slides
  • Bug Fix – It is now possible to add audio files containing apostrophes
  • Bug Fix – The new image menu will now select and modify the correct image
  • Bug Fix – Resolved layering issues when saving and loading
  • Bug Fix – It is now possible to undo adding items to the trash can
  • Bug Fix – Trash can will no longer be active when resizing objects
  • Bug Fix – Resolved resize issues with the Stopwatch and Pyramid tools

4.4.42 (July 19th, 2016)

  • Improvement – Hyperlinks can now be added to multiple words
  • Improvement – Formatting controls will no longer be applied to a selected textbox, it will now only be applied to specifically selected text
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug from 4.4.41 where the keyboard would crash on open
  • Bug Fix – “Reset Slide” functionality will now work if you have the Clear Screen Prompt set to “No”
  • Bug Fix – “Reset Slide” functionality will no longer crash OKTOPUS for slides containing a Word Vault
  • Bug Fix – Text box controls will no longer “click-through” to items below the font and font size menus
  • Bug Fix – Using CTRL + X to cut selected text within a textbox will no longer delete the entire textbox
  • Bug Fix – Using CTRL + V to paste text into a textbox will no longer create an additional textbox
  • Bug Fix – Using CTRL + A to highlight all the words in a textbox will no longer invoke the Selection Tool

4.4.41 (June 30th, 2016)

  • New Feature – New “Clear Screen” area in Standard Tools
  • New Feature – New “Clear Annotations” option
  • New Feature – New “Reset Slide” option

Click here for new Clear Screen information in the User Guide

  • New Feature – Text box rotation
  • New Feature – Text boxes now have scrollbars
  • New Feature – Text box controls are now located at the bottom of the screen
  • Improvement – IWB importing now inserts commas and other special characters
  • Improvement – Text boxes are now created with a specific width and height which can be later changed
  • Improvement – Dragging and dropping / copying and pasting large amounts of text into OKTOPUS will now create a textbox with a limited height to make it easier to manipulate further
  • Improvement – Word Vault will now re-populate after saving and re-loading a lesson on a slide-per-slide basis

Click here for new Textbox information in the User Guide

  • Improvement – The OKTOPUS keyboard will now open up in the same language as OKTOPUS (requires restart after language change)
  • Improvement – Number Lines tool scaling improved
  • Improvement – Locked items will no longer show as locked on lesson load until clicked/pressed
  • Bug Fix – Web links are now correctly saved to an image
  • Bug Fix – Audio files will no longer loop when attached to an image
  • Bug Fix – Audio files will play on first click when attached to an image
  • Bug Fix – Copying and pasting an image from a scaled lesson will now paste at the correct size
  • Bug Fix – Audio files will now save correctly within the lesson
  • Bug Fix – Wave files are now supported when adding to images
  • Bug Fix – Some tools would re-load after closing them then navigating slides
  • Bug Fix – Math tool decimal calculations are now correct
  • Bug Fix – Copying and pasting sums and fractions now works correctly
  • Bug Fix – “Alpha” in the Image menu was not translated for non-English languages
  • Bug Fix – Playing sounds now stop when you open a new lesson
  • Bug Fix – OKTOPUS will now minimise when the Wiki link for a Periodic Element is clicked

4.4.39 (May 16th, 2016)

  • General – Increased click/tap detection area for activating/deactivating toolsets in Aerial mode
  • Bug Fix – Activating/deactivating toolsets from within Aerial mode will now work for all languages

4.4.38 (May 13th, 2016)

  • General – Added ability to deselect toolsets from within Aerial Mode by clicking on the toolset heading
  • General – Highlighter is now resizable
  • General – Translation improvements
  • General – Touch to Type and Touch Friendly modes are now set to “yes” by default on new installations
  • Bug Fix – Individual countries from the Select Map tool will now re-load correctly with a saved lesson
  • Bug Fix – Drawing a triangle with a perfectly horizontal base will now draw correctly
  • Bug Fix – QTP right-click functionality will now work correctly when a tool is active
  • Bug Fix – Searching for place names in Google Maps should now work as expected
  • Bug Fix – Periodic elements will now load as expected
  • Bug Fix – Word Vault will now populate correctly when the first word is added

4.4.37 (March 29th, 2016)

  • New Feature – OKTOPUS is now compatible with Ultra-HD / 4K resolutions
  • New Feature – OKTOPUS now supports lesson scaling when opened on different resolutions (save your lesson in the original resolution using this version for scaling to take effect)
  • New Feature – It is now possible to de-activate toolsets by clicking on the toolset name in aerial mode.
  • New Feature – Shapes, annotations, and text boxes now support locking
  • General – OKTOPUS will now resize if the Windows taskbar is resized
  • General – Screen Recording tool will now minimise to the taskbar when recording starts (to stop recording, maximise the tool and click the stop button)
  • General – New school-friendly font for the Numbers and Word Builder tools
  • General – “Move” cursor icon will no longer disappear when moving a shape or image
  • General – “Esc” keyboard button will return to cursor mode
  • General – “Del” keyboard button will now delete the current selection made by the Selection Tool
  • General – Translation improvements
  • General – SWF files will now play back at a slower speed
  • Bug Fix – Custom backgrounds will save into the lesson correctly
  • Bug Fix – It is now possible to select an object if an annotation is drawn around it
  • Bug Fix – Save-As will no longer omit multimedia from the file
  • Bug Fix – Table Builder tool within the Text Box controls will now populate correctly
  • Bug Fix – Decreased area where dice can land so they no longer land behind the sidebar
  • Bug Fix – Copying and pasting an image from Internet Explorer will now appear in OKTOPUS correctly
  • Bug Fix – Dragging a hyperlinked image from a web browser will now appear in OKTOPUS correctly

4.4.36 (March 10th, 2016)

  • Bug Fix – Fixed an issue where images would not populate when a file was loaded

4.4.35 (March 4th, 2016)

  • New Feature – Added “Open Recent” functionality to show the last ten used files
  • New Feature – Added a “half screen” button so that OKTOPUS only takes up 50% of the screen width
  • New Feature – Shapes, annotations, and text boxes will now support locking
  • General – Improved support for IWB files
  • General – Improved touch detection for tool selection
  • General – Sidebar buttons are now wider
  • General – Pressing and holding to open the QTP on a touchscreen while the pen is active will no longer draw a dot
  • General – Changed the location of the OKTOPUS temp data store to support users in a school or corporate network. This will address the issue where saved files would not re-open when the AppData folder was on a network location
  • General – The Word Vault will now load data on a “per slide” basis
  • General – The image settings will now appear along the bottom of the screen
  • General – Images added from the image gallery will now appear on the right hand side of the screen instead of behind the sidebar
  • General – Added translations to the Select Map tool
  • General – The Protractor is now completely semi-transparent
  • General – It is now possible to delete a single slide by just tapping the delete icon when in slide management
  • General – After drawing a shape, tap anywhere on the screen to enter Cursor mode
  • General – Improved the Selection tool so that it no longer “picks up” objects during the selection process
  • General – Clipboard improvements (added support for images)
  • General – Added drag-and-drop support for images directly from within popular search engines
  • General – Improved the response time for tools to become selected
  • General – Background images will now stay stretched after navigating slides or saving/reopening
  • General – Updated the Periodic Table
  • Bug Fix – Exporting to PDF will now re-capture the current slide if in Glass Mode
  • Bug Fix – Close delay for the sidebar will now occur each time a tool is selected
  • Bug Fix – Line graph will now populate under all conditions in the Graph tool
  • Bug Fix – Lines will draw as expected if the cursor is released over the line menu
  • Bug Fix – Double tapping a text box to edit text will no longer highlight the last word
  • Bug Fix – After selecting a shape, the menu will disappear after clicking or tapping another part of the screen
  • Bug Fix – After clicking a hyperlinked object and returning to OKTOPUS, the image will no longer “stick” to the mouse cursor
  • Bug Fix – Using handwriting recognition for sums will no longer append a zero onto the end of single digit sums
  • Bug Fix – Drawing a text box over an image will no longer move the image
  • Bug Fix – Number Grids, Number Lines, Word Builder objects, and Molecular Structures will now save correctly

4.4.31 (November 6th, 2015)

  • General – Added preference option to prompt for Clear Screen
  • General – When a hyperlink is clicked and a background is active, OKTOPUS will minimise
  • General – “Save” will now over-write a lesson without prompting
  • General – Added a “Save-As” option
  • General – Pen and eraser tools will now remember previous settings when using keyboard shortcuts
  • General – Images will no longer load with a selection box around them
  • Bug Fix – IWB files can now be loaded consecutively
  • Bug Fix – IWB properties.xml will now display correct data
  • Bug Fix – Eraser translation for “size” will now be displayed correctly
  • Bug Fix – Eraser tool will now erase at the correct size
  • Bug Fix – Eraser tool will show the correct size when using the mouse scroll to change size
  • Bug Fix – Saving to PDF will now export all slides
  • Bug Fix – Re-ordering slides will now place the slide in the correct position
  • Bug Fix – Sums will now load correctly when saving and re-opening a saved lesson
  • Bug Fix – Hyperlinks will now be saved as part of the lesson
  • Bug Fix – Lines will no longer change thickness when adjusting the width of other lines

4.4.26 (September 17th, 2015)

  • General – Opening a lesson will now load annotations, text, images, and shapes significantly faster
  • General – Improved Clipboard support
  • General – Added Preferences option for remembering last-used background
  • General – Added Preferences option to turn off “click and type” capability
  • General – Trash Can detection area has been decreased to avoid accidental deletions
  • General – IWB files now import much faster
  • General – IWB import now imports text boxes with correct width and height
  • General – IWB import now imports images with improved position and rotation
  • General – IWB import now supports text grouping
  • General – IWB import now imports objects in correct order / layer
  • General – Text Table tool is now available through Text Box controls
  • Bug Fix – Exporting to PDF will now always save with a .pdf extension
  • Bug Fix – Keyboard now supports use of accented characters
  • Bug Fix – Multimedia files can now be added from network share locations
  • Bug Fix – After adding and playing an MP4 video, it is now possible to close it / drag to the trash
  • Bug Fix – Translations were not being read in to some Mathematics tools

4.4.23 (August 7th, 2015)

  • New Feature – OKTOPUS can now import IWB files
  • General – Mouse hover will no longer cause images and annotations to show their settings and close buttons
  • General – Mouse scroll will now control pen line thickness
  • General – US Language will now refer to Literacy as “Language Arts”
  • General – OKTOPUS logo in splash screen will now be correctly positioned
  • General – The menu bar for annotations and shapes will no longer flash when selecting other objects
  • General – The OKTOPUS logo will now appearing correctly in all options screens
  • General – Copy and paste buttons have been added to the manual activation screens
  • General – OKTOPUS will automatically detect touch screens and enable “touch friendly” mode on first run
  • General – Individual shapes will now remember thickness, alpha/opacity, and colour when switching between them (options must be chosen prior to drawing)
  • Bug Fix – Fractions tool will now generate the correct number of “whole numbers” in pie chart and fraction bar form
  • Bug Fix – When selecting a shape from the Shapes Tool, the correct type of shape will now always be drawn (this bug affected slower performing computers)
  • Bug Fix – The keyboard shortcut for “clear screen” will now prompt the user to confirm
  • Bug Fix – HTTPS hyperlinks will now work correctly when assigning a hyperlink to a shape
  • Bug Fix – On-screen keyboard will now automatically pop up when tapping a cell in the advanced graph tool in “touch friendly” mode
  • Bug Fix – Undo and Redo timeline will now undo and redo items in the correct order
  • Bug Fix – Erased annotations will no longer re-appear when saving and re-opening an OKTOPUS file
  • Bug Fix – Updating OKTOPUS and running for the first time will now correctly read in user-saved settings
  • Bug Fix – Media Gallery now shows MP4 as a supported file type

4.4.22 (June 30th, 2015)

  • General – New splash screen
  • General – Implemented clipboard support (Paste in text and images from other applications)
  • General – Screen Recording, Audio Playback, Stopwatch, and Compass Tool are now themed correctly
  • General – Image Gallery will no longer auto-close when another tool has been selected
  • General – Video files (mp4 and flv) will now be embedded directly into OKTOPUS save files
  • General – Text in the Converter, Tape Measure, Shapes & Angles and Probability tool is now easier to read
  • General – Default highlighter colour is now yellow
  • Bug Fix – Abacus tool size and location will now be remembered when saving/loading a lesson
  • Bug Fix – Protractor will now save to a slide correctly
  • Bug Fix – Screen Recording tool will no longer attempt to save logs to an incorrect location
  • Bug Fix – Shape layering / order will now be remembered when switching slides
  • Bug Fix – Longer translations will now fit inside the Stopwatch tool
  • Bug Fix – The Audio import/record tool will now save to a slide correctly

4.4.18 (May 20th, 2015)

  • General – When OKTOPUS is opened, it will now show the Standard Tools
  • General – Added support for high DPI settings (in use with 4K screens) to resolve collaborative screenshots being too small
  • General – Restarting OKTOPUS via the Preferences window will now close the active presentation before it restarts
  • General – Added keyboard shortcuts (refer to user guide)
  • Bug Fix – Lessons created up to version 4.4.13 would not load images with 4.4.15
  • Standard Tools – As soon as an Audio Recording is made, it will be added to the stage and automatically saved in the “Oktopus” folder under the user account
  • Standard Tools – As soon as a screenshot is captured or video is captured, it will be added to the stage and automatically saved in the “Oktopus” folder under the user account
  • Standard Tools – When using the Screen Capture tool to take a screenshot, the screen capture tool itself will no longer be captured
  • Standard Tools – Very tall or very wide images will now maintain the correct aspect ratio when importing
  • Standard Tools – Default highlighter colour is now yellow
  • Math Tools – Decimal calculations are now accurate
  • Math and Literacy Tools – Games will now open much larger than before by default

4.4.15 (April 17th, 2015)

  • Bug fix – Glass Mode screenshots will now load when opening a wtzx file directly
  • Bug fix – Annotations on previous slides will now reload correctly if the Number tool was added to the screen
  • Bug fix – Screen capture will now work if OKTOPUS was started with a background
  • Bug fix – Textbox height is now remembered when saving and loading a file
  • Bug fix – The on-screen keyboard is no longer being captured in Glass Mode screenshots
  • Bug fix – OKTOPUS will always be the foremost application
  • Bug fix – Exporting to PDF will now always have a .pdf extension
  • Bug fix – Importing images through a web browser will now load the image correctly
  • Bug fix – On-screen keyboard will now work correctly when in Glass Mode
  • General – When selecting File > Save in Touch Mode, the on-screen keyboard will now pop up
  • General – A backspace key has been added to the activation screen keyboard
  • General – When opening OKTOPUS on the right hand side of the screen, the trash can will now appear on the left hand side
  • General – Hyperlink functionality has been added to shapes
    Standard Tools – Importing text has been improved with a larger default width and shows formatting tools by default
  • Standard Tools – Text boxes now have scrollbars
  • Standard Tools – Text Hyperlinks can now be directly clicked on
  • Standard Tools – Text headings will now fit correctly in the Audio Record tool
  • Math Tools – Creating sums from fractions will no longer show the simplest form immediately
  • Literacy Tools – When text has been selected inside a text box, the Word Vault icon is now easier to click

4.4.13 (March 23rd, 2015)

  • General – Updated layout. Pen/Eraser/Line options are now controlled at the bottom of the screen offering quicker access to colour changes. The sidebar options to switch between Tools, Slides, and Backgrounds have been moved to the bottom of the sidebar to take up less room on the screen – View the changes in the User Guide
  • General – Updated the Preferences Window styling and removed duplicate options from the Settings dropdown
  • Bug fix – Fixed the manual activation options
  • Bug Fix  – Duplicating an image will now duplicate with the exact size and rotation
  • Bug Fix – The minimize and close buttons are no longer captured in slide screenshots
  • Bug Fix – Fixed an issue where it was not possible to re-order slides
  • Bug Fix – When the sidebar is flipped to the right hand side of the screen, Highlighter and Line tool pop-out options now appear correctly
  • Bug Fix – When switching monitors, the ratio of Glass Mode screenshots will be retained
  • Standard Tools – You can now make “dots” using the Pen Tool
  • Standard Tools – Fixed an issue where the Cursor Tool wouldn’t double up as a Selection Tool when used on a background
  • Standard Tools – The audio levelling on the Screen Recording Tool has been fixed
  • Standard Tools – Using the Handwriting Recognition Tool will remember the last-used font properties
  • Math Tools – Fixed an issue where it was not possible to drag out the extended number set
  • Math Tools – Fraction Tool now shows the options to create pie chart and fraction bars as soon as the tool is opened

4.4.11 (February 8th, 2015)

  • Bug fix – Fixed an issue where the keyboard and screen recording features would not open
  • Bug fix – Glass Mode screenshots will now save and load correctly from a saved lesson
  • Bug fix – Alternative activation options will now display correctly
  • Bug fix – Opening a lesson in touch mode will now longer open the keyboard each time a new slide is displayed
  • Bug fix – Images will now save and load correctly when other items are on the screen
  • General – Added support for the Welsh language
  • General – Minimize and Close buttons have been added to the top right
  • General – Added a new preferences window
  • General – Added the ability to hide pen and highlighter cursors
  • General – Added the ability to automatically hide the sidebar after 3, 5, or 10 seconds
  • General – Added the ability to choose between light/dark themes and colourful/monochrome icons
  • Math Tools – Resizing the Abacus tool will no longer prevent it from being closed or moved to the trash

4.4.8 (January 20th, 2015)

  • General – OS language is now detected and set on first open.
  • General – Added colourful icons to the light theme.
  • General – On Screen Keyboard will now pop up when Touch Mode is activated and “New Lesson” is selected from the File menu.
  • General – If a tool is in use, it will remain highlighted.
  • General – You will now be prompted to save your lesson before switching between dark and light themes.
  • General – Cursor no longer changes to a text edit icon when moving a text box.
  • Standard Tools – Image, Shape, and Text layering is now retained when clicking on objects.
  • Standard Tools – It is now possible to draw multiple text boxes in Glass Mode.
  • Standard Tools – Added layering options to text box while in edit mode.
  • Standard Tools – Text size preference is now saved. The same font size will be remembered for new text boxes.
  • Math Tools – “Number” tool now loads correctly.
  • Math Tools – Digital Clock now shows correct time for 12 AM and PM.
  • Math Tools – Digital Clock now shows correct time when the analogue clock is set between 46 and 59 minutes.
  • Math Tools – Shapes are now labelled correctly.


  • Initial Release
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