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Software Update – 4.4.26

Version 4.4.26 has now been released.

We’ve improved our IWB import process and accuracy, added much-needed clipboard support and the ability to add multimedia from network share locations based on community feedback, and added a few more preferences to control how OKTOPUS looks and works.

Download from http://qwizdomoktopus.com/downloads

Change Log:

  • General – Opening a lesson will now load annotations, text, images, and shapes significantly faster
  • General – Improved Clipboard support
  • General – Added Preferences option for remembering last-used background
  • General – Added Preferences option to turn off “click and type” capability
  • General – Trash Can detection area has been decreased to avoid accidental deletions
  • General – IWB files now import much faster
  • General – IWB import now imports text boxes with correct width and height
  • General – IWB import now imports images with improved position and rotation
  • General – IWB import now supports text grouping
  • General – IWB import now imports objects in correct order / layer
  • General – Text Table tool is now available through Text Box controls
  • Bug Fix – Exporting to PDF will now always save with a .pdf extension
  • Bug Fix – Keyboard now supports use of accented characters
  • Bug Fix – Multimedia files can now be added from network share locations
  • Bug Fix – After adding and playing an MP4 video, it is now possible to close it / drag to the trash
  • Bug Fix – Translations were not being read in to some Mathematics tools


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