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Software Update – 4.4.35

It’s been 5 months since our last update, but we think this one was worth waiting for.

Many thanks to our users for the requests they have sent in to us. We’ve successfully implemented the Open Recent feature, as well as a way to split your screen to support the Windows split-screen function. And we’ve added locking to shapes, images, and text boxes.

The Word Vault tool can now be populated on a per-slide basis, and we’ve taken care of a lot of pesky bugs too.

Download from: https://qwizdomoktopus.com/downloads

Change Log

  • New Feature – Added “Open Recent” functionality to show the last ten used files
  • New Feature – Added a “half screen” button so that OKTOPUS only takes up 50% of the screen width
  • New Feature – Shapes, annotations, and text boxes will now support locking
  • General – Improved support for IWB files
  • General – Improved touch detection for tool selection
  • General – Sidebar buttons are now wider
  • General – Pressing and holding to open the QTP on a touchscreen while the pen is active will no longer draw a dot
  • General – Changed the location of the OKTOPUS temp data store to support users in a school or corporate network. This will address the issue where saved files would not re-open when the AppData folder was on a network location
  • General – The Word Vault will now load data on a “per slide” basis
  • General – The image settings will now appear along the bottom of the screen
  • General – Images added from the image gallery will now appear on the right hand side of the screen instead of behind the sidebar
  • General – Added translations to the Select Map tool
  • General – The Protractor is now completely semi-transparent
  • General – It is now possible to delete a single slide by just tapping the delete icon when in slide management
  • General – After drawing a shape, tap anywhere on the screen to enter Cursor mode
  • General – Improved the Selection tool so that it no longer “picks up” objects during the selection process
  • General – Clipboard improvements (added support for images)
  • General – Added drag-and-drop support for images directly from within popular search engines
  • General – Improved the response time for tools to become selected
  • General – Background images will now stay stretched after navigating slides or saving/reopening
  • General – Updated the Periodic Table
  • Bug Fix – Exporting to PDF will now re-capture the current slide if in Glass Mode
  • Bug Fix – Close delay for the sidebar will now occur each time a tool is selected
  • Bug Fix – Line graph will now populate under all conditions in the Graph tool
  • Bug Fix – Lines will draw as expected if the cursor is released over the line menu
  • Bug Fix – Double tapping a text box to edit text will no longer highlight the last word
  • Bug Fix – After selecting a shape, the menu will disappear after clicking or tapping another part of the screen
  • Bug Fix – After clicking a hyperlinked object and returning to OKTOPUS, the image will no longer “stick” to the mouse cursor
  • Bug Fix – Using handwriting recognition for sums will no longer append a zero onto the end of single digit sums
  • Bug Fix – Drawing a text box over an image will no longer move the image
  • Bug Fix – Number Grids, Number Lines, Word Builder objects, and Molecular Structures will now save correctly
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