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Software Update – 4.4.41

A new version of Qwizdom OKTOPUS is now available to download!

We’re really excited to tell you that we’ve implemented our new clear screen options and our new textbox controls. (See the change log for links later in this post). We’ve also sorted out some IWB import issues with commas and other special characters, and fixed several bugs.

Download it at https://qwizdomoktopus.com/downloads


Change Log

  • New Feature – New “Clear Screen” area in Standard Tools
  • New Feature – New “Clear Annotations” option
  • New Feature – New “Reset Slide” option

Click here for new Clear Screen information in the User Guide

  • New Feature – Text box rotation
  • New Feature – Text boxes now have scrollbars
  • New Feature – Text box controls are now located at the bottom of the screen
  • Improvement – IWB importing now inserts commas and other special characters
  • Improvement – Text boxes are now created with a specific width and height which can be later changed
  • Improvement – Dragging and dropping / copying and pasting large amounts of text into OKTOPUS will now create a textbox with a limited height to make it easier to manipulate further
  • Improvement – Word Vault will now re-populate after saving and re-loading a lesson on a slide-per-slide basis

Click here for new Textbox information in the User Guide

  • Improvement – The OKTOPUS keyboard will now open up in the same language as OKTOPUS (requires restart after language change)
  • Improvement – Number Lines tool scaling improved
  • Improvement – Locked items will no longer show as locked on lesson load until clicked/pressed
  • Bug Fix – Web links are now correctly saved to an image
  • Bug Fix – Audio files will no longer loop when attached to an image
  • Bug Fix – Audio files will play on first click when attached to an image
  • Bug Fix – Copying and pasting an image from a scaled lesson will now paste at the correct size
  • Bug Fix – Audio files will now save correctly within the lesson
  • Bug Fix – Wave files are now supported when adding to images
  • Bug Fix – Some tools would re-load after closing them then navigating slides
  • Bug Fix – Math tool decimal calculations are now correct
  • Bug Fix – Copying and pasting sums and fractions now works correctly
  • Bug Fix – “Alpha” in the Image menu was not translated for non-English languages
  • Bug Fix – Playing sounds now stop when you open a new lesson
  • Bug Fix – OKTOPUS will now minimise when the Wiki link for a Periodic Element is clicked


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