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Software Update – 4.4.42

We’ve release another update to Qwizdom OKTOPUS, ready for download right now!

This release will make two textbox improvements: formatting selected text rather than the whole textbox, and adding in improved hyperlink support.

We’ve also fixed some issues introduced with the new Clear Screen options and implemented better support for keyboard shortcuts when working with textboxes.

Download from: https://qwizdomoktopus.com/downloads

Change Log

  • Improvement – Hyperlinks can now be added to multiple words
  • Improvement – Formatting controls will no longer be applied to a selected textbox, it will now only be applied to specifically selected text
  • Bug Fix – Fixed a bug from 4.4.41 where the keyboard would crash on open
  • Bug Fix – “Reset Slide” functionality will now work if you have the Clear Screen Prompt set to “No”
  • Bug Fix – “Reset Slide” functionality will no longer crash OKTOPUS for slides containing a Word Vault
  • Bug Fix – Text box controls will no longer “click-through” to items below the font and font size menus
  • Bug Fix – Using CTRL + X to cut selected text within a textbox will no longer delete the entire textbox
  • Bug Fix – Using CTRL + V to paste text into a textbox will no longer create an additional textbox
  • Bug Fix – Using CTRL + A to highlight all the words in a textbox will no longer invoke the Selection Tool
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