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Software Update – 4.5.5

A new truly-4K performance enhanced version of OKTOPUS is now available to download!

We’ve made our pen super-fast, even on 4K displays with limited spec hardware and integrated graphics. This should also make a difference to the pen speed for all our users, no matter what type of display or other hardware they are using.

In order to achieve this, we have unfortunately been required to make a major change to our software surrounding Glass Mode. For more information about how this will affect your OKTOPUS usage, please see the Glass Mode section of our user guide.

However, do not fear, we will be bringing back Glass Mode the way you have been using it with another update in the very near future.

In other really exciting news, OKTOPUS now has brand new interactive activities. Find the link for these in your toolset selector. They support dual and quad screen layout, and each section can run its own activity! And for tabletop users, there is even better news – they can be rotated for up to 4 users around your screen!

Download right now from https://qwizdomoktopus.com/downloads 


Change Log

  • Change – NEW “Simple Glass Mode”. A new way of capturing your desktop and other applications has been introduced to result in a significant improvement in pen speed, especially on 4K/UHD screens. The current Glass Mode will be reintroduced with a future update. Click here for further information.
  • New – Interactive Activities. Find them in your toolset selector. Supports split screen and quad screen. Run multiple activities independently. Supports rotation for tabletop flatpanels. Please note: Not available to all suppliers of OKTOPUS. Please contact us if you would like to find out more.
  • Improvement – Added split and quad screen backgrounds
  • Improvement – Molecule builder now supports double bonds and triple bonds
  • Improvement – Numbers and Symbols no longer have the “move” icon, which was confusing students
  • Improvement – Added visual feedback when copying and pasting slides
  • Improvement – Added “clone” button to annotations, shapes, lines, and textboxes
  • Improvement – Using the “clone” button for images will no longer paste the cloned image at the mouse pointer location. Instead it will populate slightly offset down and to the right
  • Improvement – Webcam tool now loads the feed in better quality
  • Improvement – Added a “close” button to textboxes when tapped
  • Improvement – Number Line tool has been simplified
  • Improvement – Added collision detection to the dice tool and limited dice to 10
  • Improvement – The Window Shade will now fit to the canvas, so that the bottom drag handle is no longer hidden by the Windows taskbar
  • Bug Fix – When adding the first word to the word vault it either would not open or had a very long opening time
  • Bug Fix – Resolved sizing problems when using the selection tool with the Abacus
  • Bug Fix – Saving as PDF will no longer have a slight offset in Glass Mode screenshots
  • Bug Fix – Smart Notebook imports will now import annotations correctly
  • Bug Fix – Smart Notebook imports will now load correctly if there is only one image on the slide
  • Bug Fix – Moving an object or objects will now correctly prompt to save on exit
  • Bug Fix – Word Vault tool may not have been reading in words from a saved lesson
  • Bug Fix – Inserting, copying, and pasting slides will no longer result in problems with the slide index numbers
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