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Software Update – Version 4.4.23

We are delighted to release version 4.4.23, now with IWB import.

Most notable changes include IWB import (based on community feedback), touch screen detection, some useful shortcuts, a little bit of tidying up, and several bug fixes for annotating and the undo/redo history.

Download from http://qwizdomoktopus.com/downloads

Change Log

  • New Feature – OKTOPUS can now import IWB files
  • General – Mouse hover will no longer cause images and annotations to show their settings and close buttons
  • General – Mouse scroll will now control pen line thickness
  • General – US Language will now refer to Literacy as “Language Arts”
  • General – OKTOPUS logo in splash screen will now be correctly positioned
  • General – The menu bar for annotations and shapes will no longer flash when selecting other objects
  • General – The OKTOPUS logo will now appearing correctly in all options screens
  • General – Copy and paste buttons have been added to the manual activation screens
  • General – OKTOPUS will automatically detect touch screens and enable “touch friendly” mode on first run
  • General – Individual shapes will now remember thickness, alpha/opacity, and colour when switching between them (options must be chosen prior to drawing)
  • Bug Fix – Fractions tool will now generate the correct number of “whole numbers” in pie chart and fraction bar form
  • Bug Fix – When selecting a shape from the Shapes Tool, the correct type of shape will now always be drawn (this bug affected slower performing computers)
  • Bug Fix – The keyboard shortcut for “clear screen” will now prompt the user to confirm
  • Bug Fix – HTTPS hyperlinks will now work correctly when assigning a hyperlink to a shape
  • Bug Fix – On-screen keyboard will now automatically pop up when tapping a cell in the advanced graph tool in “touch friendly” mode
  • Bug Fix – Undo and Redo timeline will now undo and redo items in the correct order
  • Bug Fix – Erased annotations will no longer re-appear when saving and re-opening an OKTOPUS file
  • Bug Fix – Updating OKTOPUS and running for the first time will now correctly read in user-saved settings
  • Bug Fix – Media Gallery now shows MP4 as a supported file type
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